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ea0049oc13.5 | Reproduction & Endocrine Disruption | ECE2017

Urinary cadmium excretion is associated with increased synthesis of cortico- and sex steroids in a family-based Swiss population study

Bochud Murielle , Jenny-Burri Judith , Pruijm Menno , Ponte Belen , Guessous Idris , Ehret Georg , Petrovic Dusan , Dudler Vincent , Haldimann Max , Escher Genevieve , Dick Bernhard , Mohaupt Markus , Paccaud Fred , Burnier Michel , Pechere-Bertschi Antoinette , Martin Pierre-Yves , Vogt Bruno , Ackermann Daniel

Background: Cadmium (Cd) is considered as a human carcinogen. A potential intermediate mechanism could be hormone-related by disturbing steroidogenesis in gonads and adrenal glands. We tested whether urinary Cd excretion, as a marker of long-term exposure, is associated with the urinary steroid profile in the general adult population.Methods and Findings: The Swiss Kidney Project on Genes in Hypertension (SKIPOGH) is a multicentric family-based populatio...

ea0049ep820 | Steroid metabolism + action | ECE2017

Reference values for the urinary steroid metabolome: the impact of sex and age on human adult steroidogenesis

Ackermann Daniel , Ponte Belen , Pruijm Menno , d'Uscio Claudia H. , Guessous Idris , Ehret Georg , Paccaud Fred , Pechere-Bertschi Antoinette , Martin Pierre-Yves , Burnier Michel , Dick Bernhard , Vogt Bruno , Bochud Murielle , Dhayat Nasser A.

Background: Urinary steroid metabolomics by GC-MS is an established method in clinic and research to describe steroidogenic disorders, but normative data are scarce.Methods: The 24-hour urinary excretion of 40 steroid metabolites was measured by GC-MS in 1128 adult participants of the Swiss Kidney Project on Genes in Hypertension (SKIPOGH), a multicenter, family-based, cross-sectional study. Sex- and age-specific reference ranges were created in the unit...