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ea0014p636 | (1) | ECE2007

The multi-PDZ domain protein MUPP1: a scaffolding protein controlling the acrosome reaction in mammalian spermatozoa

Ackermann Frauke , Meyer Dorke , Heydecke Diana , Wilhelm Beate , Gudermann Thomas , Boekhoff Ingrid

Upon adhesion to the zona pellucida, mammalian sperm undergo regulated exocytosis of the acrosome. Despite the difference in size, some parallels can be drawn concerning the signal transduction processes controlling the sperm acrosome reaction and synaptic vesicle exocytosis. Since components of signal transduction pathways are often organized in multiprotein signalling complexes, attempts were made to identify scaffolding proteins expressed in the acrosomal region of mammalia...

ea0014p637 | (1) | ECE2007

Expression of the G-protein α-subunit gustducin in mammalian spermatozoa

Meyer Dorke , Fehr Johanna , Borth Heike , Widmayer Patricia , Wilhelm Beate , Gudermann Thomas , Boekhoff Ingrid

The G protein subunit α-gustducin is generally accepted as a marker for chemosensitive cells. Since chemosensation is especially important for the navigation of sperm towards the egg, attempts were made to explore whether α-gustducin might also be expressed in spermatozoa. RT-PCR experiments revealed that a gustducin PCR specific RNA fragment with the predicted size could be amplified from total mouse and rat testis. To identify the testicular cell type in which &#94...