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ea0009p31 | Diabetes and metabolism | BES2005

Elevated endotoxin levels as a mediator of consistent chronic sub-clinical inflammation in CABG patients

Baker A , Silva N , Ranasinghe A , Pagano D , Bonser R , Kumar S , McTernan P

Chronic sub-clinical inflammation is associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Patients undergoing CABG are at high risk of further cardiovascular events and also demonstrate sub-clinical inflammation. We therefore investigated alterations in the relative balance between pro-inflammatory agents, such as hsCRP versus changes in anti-inflammatory factors (adiponectin) and as such the potential molecular pathways mediating these changes. The ai...

ea0007p50 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | BES2004

Circulating pro-inflammatory cytokines and epicardial expression of resistin and TNF-alpha are increased in patients with cardiovascular disease

Baker A , Quinn D , Silva N , McTernan C , Harte A , Bonser R , Kumar S , McTernan P

Chronic sub-clinical inflammation is associated with increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and is particularly observed in patients that have undergone CABG. Resistin, a novel adipocyte derived protein, has been linked with central adiposity, insulin resistance and sub-clinical inflammation and may mediate both systemic and local paracrine pro-inflammatory responses in vivo. As such we investigated serum resistin from CABG patients and examined whether e...

ea0009p166 | Thyroid | BES2005

Triiodothyronine and glucose insulin potassium individually improve cardiovascular performance post coronary artery bypass graft surgery without increasing systemic oxygen consumption

Ranasinghe A , Quinn D , Franklyn J , Graham T , Keogh B , Mascaro J , Rooney S , Wilson I , Pagano D , Bonser R

ObjectivesBoth glucose insulin potassium (GIK) and tri-iodothyronine (T3) may improve cardiovascular performance following cardiac surgery. The effects of combined treatment are unknown.MethodsAfter obtaining local research ethics committee approval, we performed a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial on patients undergoing first time elective/urgent isolated CABG. Between January 2000 ...