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ea0014oc2.6 | Bone & calcium metabolism | ECE2007

Sunlight exposure and vitamin D supplementation at the institutionalized elderly – effects on calcium and bone metabolism

Bottermann Peter , Branisteanu Dumitru , Mogos Voichita , Zbranca Eusebie

We investigated calcium and bone metabolism in a group of 123 institutionalized volunteers between 60 and 98 years old, 73 females and 50 males. 25OH-D3 was measured by an indoor RIA technique. 1.25(OH)2D3 was measured by HPLC, serum calcium by photocolorimetry, bone alkaline phosphatase by immunoenzymatic technique, whereas serum PTH and urinary deoxypyridinoline (DPD) were measured by IRMA. Almost all volunteers (92.6%) had low 25OH-D3</...