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ea0049ep885 | Growth hormone IGF axis - basic | ECE2017

Effect of GH treatment on coagulation and fibrinolysis parameters in prepubertal children with growth hormone deficiency

Karachaliou Feneli , Pergadou Helen , Dettoraki Anastasia , Boudouvi Evangelia , Kafetzi Maria , Fotinou Aspasia , Platokouki Helen , Papaevangelou Vassiliki

Background: Increased fibrinogen levels have been reported in prepubertal children and adolescents with growth hormone deficiency (GHD), which were reduced after rhGH treatment. rhGH treatment has also been shown to exert a beneficial effect on the amount of aPAI-1 in children with GHD. Aim of the study was to evaluate whether prepubertal GH deficient (GHD) children showed any impairment in coagulation- and fibrinolysis-related parameters and the effect of GH therapy on these ...