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ea0066p50 | Diabetes 5 | BSPED2019

Use of flash glucose monitoring during hypo/hyperglycaemia and to guide insulin administration in paediatric patients with type 1 diabetes

Jordan Kate , Bound Christopher , Vieira Soraia , Wassouf Samir , Watson Mando

Introduction: Flash glucose monitoring is increasingly used in the management of T1DM. Although the FreeStyle Libre reduces the overall burden of conventional self-monitoring of blood glucose, capillary glucose should be checked at times of Libre-predicted extreme hypo/hyperglycaemia.Methods: Consenting FreeStyle Libre users completed a structured questionnaire via phone interview. Users reported incidence of extreme hypo/hyperglycaemia (indicated by LO/...

ea0066p45 | Diabetes 4 | BSPED2019

Practical application and user experience of flash glucose monitoring in paediatric patients with type 1 diabetes

Jordan Kate , Fletcher Guy , Vieira Soraia , Bound Christopher , Wassouf Samir , Watson Mando

Introduction: The FreeStyle Libre is increasingly employed in the management of T1DM. This audit examined if users are meeting the recommended competencies set out in the London prescribing guidelines, to ascertain if users are aware of and utilising inbuilt features of the Libre, to identify if user training can be enhanced, and to see if Libre use improves patients’ quality of life as a result of Libre use.Methods: The audit was conducted via a st...

ea0027oc5.4 | Oral Communications (RCN CYP Diabetes Session) | BSPED2011

A network delivered ‘out of hours’ specialist telephone support service for young people and families with type 1 diabetes

Abdullah Nadeem , Van Meijgaarden Birgit , Anand Binu , Arun Sara , Bound Christopher , Cackett Nicola , Pesterfield Claire , Raman Viji , Williams Rachel , Wilson Kate , Acerini Carlo

Background: Guidelines on standards for diabetes care for children with type 1 diabetes (TID) recommend continuous (24 h/7-day-a-week) access to advice from specialist health-care professionals. However, for many diabetes teams, limited resources precludes provision of this service outside normal working hours. The use of regional networks may enable the implementation of safe, high quality and cost-effective support to patients and families ‘out of hours’.<p cla...