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ea0014p109 | (1) | ECE2007

Histopathological and molecular studies in patients with goiter and hypercalcitoninemia: reactive or neoplastic C-cell hyperplasia?

Verga Uberta , Ferrero Stefano , Vicentini Leonardo , Brambilla Tatiana , Cirello Valentina , Muzza Marina , Beck-Peccoz Paolo , Fugazzola Laura

The cut-off values able to differentiate between reactive or neoplastic C cell hyperplasia (CCH) or to predict sporadic medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) are still debated both for basal and stimulated calcitonin (bCT and sCT). Aim of the present study was to define the prevalence and the histological patterns of CCH in 15 patients with multinodular goiter (MNG), bCT>10 pg/ml and sCT levels >50 pg/ml. These data were compared with those from 16 patients with MNG and bCT l...