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ea0059p100 | Diabetes & cardiovascular | SFEBES2018

Glucocorticoid receptor deficiency alters cardiomyocyte DNA replication in neonatal mice

Petursdottir Megan , Brain Eleanor , Buckley Charlotte , Chapman Karen , Ivy Jessica

During early life, the majority of cardiomyocytes exit the cell cycle and undergo terminal differentiation, becoming binucleated. This establishes the number of cardiomyocytes for the remainder of the lifetime, with subsequent consequences for cardiac resilience in adulthood. Activation of the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) is important for heart maturation: fetal mice lacking GR in cardiomyocytes (SMGRKO) show structural and functional cardiac immaturity. Young adult male and f...

ea0028p312 | Steroids | SFEBES2012

Effects of In-Utero Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors on the Ovine Fetal Adrenal Gland

Buckley Charlotte , Danga Mercy , Hogg Kirsten , Amezaga Maria , Rhind Stewart , Fowler Paul , Rae Michael , Morley Steven

Introduction: The repercussions of long-term exposure to low level mixtures of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) which are present, ubiquitously, in the environment are not well understood. Heat-treated sewage sludge, an EDC-rich product used as fertiliser, has been shown to compromise testicular and ovarian development. However, to date, there has been limited investigation in exposed animals of the adrenal glands, the steroid hormone products of which play key roles in f...

ea0059p099 | Diabetes & cardiovascular | SFEBES2018

Glucocorticoids promote mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation in fetal cardiomyocytes

Ivy Jessica , Carter Roderick , Zhao Jin-Feng , Agnew Emma , Buckley Charlotte , Ganley Ian , Morton Nicholas , Chapman Karen

The late gestation increase in glucocorticoid action promotes the structural and functional maturation of the fetal heart. Metabolic maturation of cardiomyocytes involves a switch from glucose utilization as a fuel source to fatty acid (FA) oxidation. In fetal cardiomyocytes, glucocorticoids induce expression of PGC1a (a master regulator of mitochondrial capacity), lipin1 and KLF15 (genes involved in FA oxidation). We hypothesized that glucocorticoids promote the metabolic swi...