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ea0022oc2.1 | Thyroid | ECE2010

Calcitonin screening and pentagastrin testing: predictive value for diagnosis medullary carcinoma in nodular thyroid disease

Herrmann Burkhard , Schmid Kurt , Bockisch Andreas , Kemen Mathias , Mann Klaus

Context: Serum calcitonin (hCT) measurement may be useful for detecting medullary carcinoma (MTC), but the routine use of hCT and after pentagastrin stimulation to screen patients with nodular thyroid disease remains controversial.Patients: One thousand and seven patients (667 females, 440 males) with nodular thyroid disease and a mean age of 55±14 (mean±S.D.) years were included in the study. All patients did not have impaired r...

ea0022p503 | Growth factors | ECE2010

Acromegaly: a prospective analysis of the oral and maxillofacial pathologies and its impact of disease duration

Herrmann Burkhard , Mortsch Florentine , Berg Christian , Weischer Thomas , Mohr Christopher , Mann Klaus

Context: It is well established that clinical features of acromegaly concern the teeth and the jaw, but less is known about the degree of oral and maxillofacial pathologies and its impact of the disease duration.Patients: Twenty-eight acromegalics (13 females, 15 males) with a mean age 49±11 (mean±S.D.) years (range 31–70) were included in the study. Thirty-two percent had active disease, 39% were well-controlled under the s...

ea0014p562 | (1) | ECE2007

Prevalence of anterior pituitary dysfunction in patients following traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a German multi-centre screening program

Berg Christian , Oeffner Alexandra , Schumm-Draeger Petra Maria , Brabant Georg , Gerbert B , Weber Matthias , Mann Klaus , Herrmann Burkhard

Recent data suggest that hypopituitarism is a common complication of TBI. Prevalence differs between 10–40% and is based on different diagnostic tests and criteria. Hence, under field conditions TBI-mediated hypopituitarism may be less frequent than previously thought. We determined the prevalence of anterior pituitary dysfunction in a multi-centre screening program across five German endocrine centres in patients rehabilitating from TBI (GCS<13).<p class="abstext...

ea0026p290 | Pituitary | ECE2011

Cardiac risk in patients with treatment naïve, first-line medically controlled and first-line surgically cured acromegaly in comparison to matched data from the general population

Berg Christian , Petersenn Stephan , Herrmann Burkhard , Roggenbuck Ulla , Lehmann Nils , Moebus Susanne , Jockel Karl-Heinz , Moehlenkamp Stefan , Erbel Raimund , Mann Klaus

The influence of first-line transsphenoidal surgery (TSS) or first-line somatostatine analogue (SSA) treatment on coronary risk factors in patients with acromegaly has rarely been examined. Aim of this study was to evaluate risk factors for coronary heart disease in 3 different patient groups with treatment naïve, active (ACT), first-line medically controlled (MED) and first-line surgically treated (SUR) acromegaly and to calculate the Framingham Risk Score (FS).<p cl...