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ea0007p60 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | BES2004

Increased aromatase expression in human subcutaneous adipose tissue in obesity

Wake D , Elferink C , Rask E , Westerbacka J , Livingstone D , Soderberg S , Yki-Jarvinen H , Olsson T , Andrew R , Walker B

Intra-adipose steroid metabolism may be a key determinant of accumulation and distribution of body fat. Adverse 'central' fat can be driven by glucocorticoid excess or decreased oestrogen/androgen ratio. We previously demonstrated increased regeneration of cortisol by 11beta-HSD1 in adipose in human obesity. Here, we measured mRNAs for enzymes dictating local activation of oestrogens (aromatase) and androgens (5alpha-reductase type 1) in subcutaneous human adipose and related ...