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ea0004p8 | Clinical case reports | SFE2002

Transient thyrotoxicosis following total laryngectomy

Ravikumar C , Mukhtar S , Beshyah S

INTRODUCTION: Disturbance in thyroid function following larygectomy usually manifests as hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is not well recognized. We present a case of transient hyperthyroidism caused by laryngectomy. CASE STUDY: A 58-year-old man underwent total laryngectomy for laryngeal carcinoma. The surgery was not complicated. 3days following surgery, the patient was noted to have sinus tachycardia with a rate between 100 and 110. On the 7th postoperative day thyroid funct...

ea0011p121 | Clinical case reports | ECE2006

A rare cause of gynaecomastia

Ravikumar C , Kong M-F , Levy MJ , Howlett TA

Adrenocortical carcinoma is extremely rare and accounts for 0.05–2% of all malignant neoplasms with an estimated incidence of 0.5–2% per million people per year. Feminising adrenal carcinoma is even rarer. We submit such a rare case presenting with gynaecomastia.A 50 year old man presented with a year history of increasing bilateral gynaecomastia. He had no problems with his sexual function. Initial investigations by the GP showed low testoster...