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ea0051p038 | Pituitary and growth | BSPED2017

Growth hormone neurosecretory dysfunction as part of the spectrum of growth hormone deficiency disorders which benefit from growth hormone treatment

Caiulo Silvana , Gan Hoong-Wei , Hughes Claire R. , Amin Rakesh , Spoudeas Helen , Peters Catherine , Hindmarsh Peter , Shah Pratik , Dattani Mehul

Objectives: Current provocative tests for GH deficiency (GHD) are neither 100% sensitive nor specific. GH neurosecretory dysfunction (NSD) refers to the presence of growth failure, normal stimulated GH responses, but impaired spontaneous GH secretion. We describe our experience in managing GHNSD over 7 years.Methods: We retrospectively reviewed a cohort of 106 children admitted for 12-h overnight GH profiles (with 20-min sampling) between 2010 and 2016. ...