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ea0014oc5.3 | Thyroid basic | ECE2007

Polarized plasma membrane targeting of the Na+/I symporter (NIS) is regulated by its carboxy terminus

Dohan Orsolya , Portulano Carla , Ginter Chris , Carrasco Nancy

The Na+/I− symporter (NIS), a glycoprotein expressed at the basolateral plasma membrane of thyroid epithelial cells, mediates active I− uptake for the biosynthesis of thyroid hormones and radioiodide transport for diagnosis and treatment in thyroid cancer. Our cloning of the NIS cDNA and generation of anti-NIS antibodies provided the basis to investigate the decrease in I− transport in thyroid cancer relative to hea...

ea0014p320 | (1) | ECE2007

The Na+/I symporter (NIS) transports two of its substrates, I and ClO4, with different stoichiometries

Dohan Orsolya , Portulano Carla , Basquin Cecile , Amzel L Mario , Carrasco Nancy

The sodium/iodide transporter (NIS) mediates active I− uptake in thyroid, lactating breast, salivary gland, and stomach epithelial cells. NIS-mediated I− transport is electrogenic with a 2:1 Na+:I− stoichiometry, i.e. when NIS activity is measured electrophysiologically in NIS-expressing oocytes, inward positive currents are recorded upon addition of I− or other anions that are NIS substrates. Howev...