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ea0029p1451 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Mortality and survival in a large series of adult patients with hypopituitarism followed for 10 years

Fernandez-Rodriguez E. , Lopez-Raton M. , Cadarso C. , Casanueva F. , Bernabeu I.

Hypopituitarism is associated with increased morbidity and mortality compared to healthy population. However, the factors influencing prognosis are still not well known.Objectives: To determine the causes of mortality in adult patients with hypopituitarism and compare the mortality rate with general populationTo identify the factors associated with mortality and survival.Patients: Two hundred and nine adult p...

ea0010oc21 | Young Endocrinologist session | SFE2005

Neuroendocrine response to ghrelin in patients with anorexianervosa (AN)

Miljic D , Pekic S , #Djurovic|# , Doknic M , Milic N , Casanueva F , Ghatei|V##Popovic M

Ghrelin stimulates growth hormone (GH), prolactin (PRL) and cortisol release in rodents and healthy humans.Aim: to determine the effects of ghrelin on neuroendocrine response in patients with AN in this cross-sectional hospital based study, approved by the Local Ethical Committee. Twenty-five young women were studied: AN with very low body weight (BMI 12.0±0.4 kg/m2), partially recovered AN (PRAN 17.2±1.3 kg/m2) and consti...

ea0004p78 | Reproduction | SFE2002


Macut D , Micic D , Cvijovic G , Sumarac M , Kendereski A , Zarkovic M , Bjekic J , Casanueva F

It is supposed a simillar dirnal change of TSH, free fatty acids (FFA) and leptin in humans. Hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis (HPT) is suppressed during food deprivation while there is an elevation of FFA further influencing glucose metabolism. The aim of our study was to investigate whether leptin can act as a metabolic signal linking the adipose tissue metabolism and the HPT. We studied 13 women with polycystic ovary disease-PCOS (mean age: 26.6±1.83 years; BMI: 34...

ea0004p96 | Thyroid | SFE2002

Do Changes In Serum Leptin Influence The Outcome Of Postpartum Thyroid Dysfunction?

Mazziotti G , Casanueva F , Lage M , Premawardhana L , Parkes A , Lazarus J

Experimental evidence suggests that leptin plays an important role in modulation of cell-mediated immunity in organ-specific autoimmune diseases. This longitudinal study evaluates changes in serum leptin values in relation to development and outcome of postpartum thyroiditis (PPT). Materials and Methods: Fifty postpartum (6 week) euthyroid women with elevated thyroglobulin (TgAb) and/or thyro-peroxidase (TPOAb) antibodies were investigated. Body mass index (BMI), serum leptin ...

ea0029p1488 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Pegvisomant and cabergoline combination therapy in acromegaly

Bernabeu I , Alvarez-Escola C , Paniagua A , Lucas T , Pavon I , Cabezas Agricola J , Casanueva F , Marazuela M

Objective: Combination with cabergoline may offer additional benefits to acromegalic patients on pegvisomant monotherapy. We evaluated the safety and efficacy profile of this combination and investigated the determinants of response.Design: An observational, retrospective, cross-sectional, registry-based study.Patients and methods: Fourteen acromegalic patients (9 females), who were partially resistant to somatostatin analogs and o...

ea0007p170 | Reproduction | BES2004

Leptin, inhibin B and LH levels in patients with anorexia nervosa

Djurovic M , Pekic S , Cetkovic A , Doknic M , Petakov M , Damjanovic S , Zivkovic V , Dieguez C , Casanueva F , Popovic V

Inhibin B is a product of the gonads and it is a marker for ovarian follicular development. We studied leptin, inhibin B and LH levels in two groups of patients with AN, at low weight (n=20, BMI=14.3 plus/minus 0.3 kg/m2) and after they reached goal weight and restore menstrual cycles (n=13, BMI 19.3 plus/minus 1.0 kg/m2). Nineteen eumenorrheic females (BMI 19.8 plus/minus 0.4 kg/m2) served as controls. At low weight in patients with AN, basal leptin (1.1 plus/minus 0.2 ng/L),...

ea0005p183 | Neuroendocrinology and Behaviour | BES2003

Serum leptin, insulin, IGF-1 levels and body composition in partially and fully recovered patients with anorexia nervosa

Djurovic M , Petakov M , Damjanovic S , Pekic S , Glisic B , Miljic D , Doknic M , Dieguez C , Casanueva F , Popovic V

The variables which might affect the reproductive function in recovered patients with anorexia nervosa (AN) were investigated. We studied 12 patients with partially (n=6) and fully recovered AN (n= 6). They were matched for age (22.5 plus/minus 1.8 vs. 23.2 plus/minus 1.7 yrs; p>0.05), body weight (50.3 plus/minus 2.1 vs. 56.7 plus/minus 2.3kg; p>0.05) and BMI (19.7 plus/minus 0.2 vs. 20.3 plus/minus 0.6 kg/m2, p>0.05). Partially recovered AN were amenorrhoeic while f...

ea0071006 | Sexual symptoms predict all-cause mortality independently of sex steroids in ageing men | BES2020

Sexual symptoms predict all-cause mortality independently of sex steroids in ageing men

Leen Antonio , Marian Dejaeger , CW Wu Frederick , WO'Neil Terence , R Pye Stephen , T Huhtaniemi Ilpo , Giulia Rastrelli , Gianni Forti , F Casanueva Felipe , Jolanta Slowikowska-Hilczer , Margus Punab , Dirk Vanderschueren , Jos Tournoy , the EMAS Study Group

Background: The association between low testosterone (T) and higher mortality in men remains controversial. Most studies focus only on the association between total T (TT) and mortality. While TT declines with age, free T (FT) shows a greater fall, due to the rise in SHBG. Moreover, also sexual dysfunction, often co-existing with low T, has been associated with mortality in ageing men.Objective: To study the interrelationships between ...

ea0029oc11.5 | Thyroid Clinical 2 | ICEECE2012

Thyroid hormones and male sexual function

Corona G. , Frederick W. , Forti G. , Lee D. , O'Connor D. , O'Neill T. , Pendleton N. , Bartfai G. , Boonen S. , Casanueva F. , Finn J. , Giwercman A. , Thang H. , Huhtaniemi I. , Kula K. , Lean M. , Punab M. , Vanderschueren D. , Jannini E. , Mannucci E. , Maggi M.

Objective: The role of thyroid hormones in the control of erectile functioning has been only marginally investigated. The aim of this study is to investigate the association between thyroid and erectile function in a general population sample (European Male Aging study, EMAS study) and in patients seeking medical care for sexual dysfunction (University of Florence Study, UNIFI study).Participants: Two different cohorts of subjects were evaluated. The fir...