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ea0011p379 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | ECE2006

Chromosome 1p shows significant linkage to steroid metabolism in hypertension in the British Genetics of Hypertension Study

Padmanabhan S , Fraser R , Ingram M , Davies E , Munroe PB , Dobson R , Brown M , Samani N , Clayton D , Farrall M , Webster J , Lathop M , Caulfield M , Dominczak AF , Connell JM

Background: Glucorticoids can affect blood pressure in humans, as demonstrated most strikingly in CushingÂ’s syndrome. We have previously reported that total cortisol metabolite excretion is raised in obese subjects, while other investigations have identified genetically determined changes in glucocorticoid receptor function as contributors to hypertension. Furthermore, in essential hypertension, vasoconstrictor sensitivity to glucocorticoids is increased. Such raised sens...

ea0008oc22 | Young Endocrinologist Session | SFE2004

Effect of Variation at the Aldosterone Synthase Locus (CYP11B2) on Adrenal 11-beta hydroxylation: Pilot Data from the MRC BRIGHT Study

Freel M , McKenzie S , Friel E , Ingram M , Davies E , Fraser R , Dominiczak A , Caulfield M , Connell J

Aldosterone is an important cardiovascular hormone. Around 15 % of hypertensives have alteration in aldosterone regulation, defined by a raised ratio of aldosterone to renin (ARR). Studies of CYP11B2, the aldosterone synthase gene, focus on a single nucleotide polymorphism in the 5'promotor region (-344 C/T). We have shown that the T allele is associated with increased urinary excretion and plasma levels of aldosterone and is more common amongst hypertensives with a raised ARR...