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ea0010p97 | Thyroid | SFE2005

Recurrent thyrotoxicosis refractory to repeated radioactive iodine – a case report

Chammas N , Frank J , Meeran K

A 76 year old female presented in 2000 with thyrotoxicosis secondary to Grave’s disease. She was treated successfully with propylthiouracil (PTU) for 2 years then opted for and received a standard therapeutic dose of radioactive iodine (131I) in September 2003. Her thyroid function tests (TFTs) normalised in the first 6 months after treatment (FT4 <14 pmol/l) and she was started on replacement thyroxine 50 mcg od for 8 weeks. She presented in March 2004 wit...

ea0007p89 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | BES2004

The GnRH test in the assessment of patients with pituitary and parapituitary lesions. Results of a 5-year retrospective study

Chammas N , Chambers S , Harris P

This study is designed to test the hypothesis that the gonadotrophinresponses to GnRH are heterogeneous and that, in pituitary/parapituitary lesion patients, the test is of no value as a diagnostic discriminator.We carried out a 5-year retrospective review of GnRH results from a cohort of 104 male (46) and female (premenopausal 49, post-menopausal 9) patients with pituitary/parapituitary lesions. Serum LH and FSH levels were measur...