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ea0011p714 | Reproduction | ECE2006

Efficacy of Testogel in the treatment of hypogonadism in routine clinical practice

Jones TH , Chilukuri LR , Munir A

Introduction: Testogel is now established treatment for male hypogonadism. The aim of TRT is to resolve hypogonadal symptoms and achieve physiological levels of testosterone.Objective: To determine the efficacy of Testogel 50 mg/day, in achieving symptomatic benefit and physiological testosterone level in 100 male patients.Method: Retrospective review of 100 case notes from the andrology clinic. Men included were between 16 and 80 ...

ea0011p936 | Thyroid | ECE2006

Hyperthyroidism presenting as ventricular fibrillation

Chilukuri LR , Merza Z , Jones TH

A 42-year-old lady, previously fit and well, presented to the Accident and Emergency department following a cardiac arrest. She had received four D.C. shocks by the ambulance crew prior to cardioversion to sinus rhythm from ventricular fibrillation. She was admitted to ITU and during this admission developed a grandmal seizure. Physical examination was unremarkable and CT scan of her head was normal. Blood tests including full blood count and biochemistry were all normal excep...