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ea0085p23 | Gonadal, DSD and Reproduction | BSPED2022

The prevalence of hypertension in children and adolescents with turner syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis

McCarrison Sarah , Carr Aoife , Choong Wong Sze , Mason Avril

Background: Cardiovascular related deaths account for over 40% of the excess mortality in Turner Syndrome (TS). Hypertension, a modifiable risk factor for both aortic dilatation and dissection, is more commonly encountered in TS during childhood and adolescence. The objective of this systematic review and meta-analysis is to determine the prevalence of hypertension in paediatric patients with TS and in relation to the methodologies of blood pressure evaluation.<p class="ab...

ea0085p32 | Miscellaneous 1 | BSPED2022

Service evaluation of girls with complex disability presenting with concerns regarding puberty

McKinney Georgia , Groom Tamsin , Mackay Vanessa , Choong Wong Sze , Mason Avril

Introduction: There are currently no recommendations on the assessment, investigation and follow-up for girls presenting with concerns regarding puberty with background of complex disability who are non-weight bearing.Aim: Service evaluation (assessment, investigation and follow-up) of girls presenting with any of Central Precocious Puberty (CPP), Early Puberty (EP), Delayed Puberty (DP) or period management with background of immobility in context of co...

ea0039ep114 | Pituitary and growth | BSPED2015

Growth monitoring in girls attending a tertiary paediatric ENT service with middle ear disease

Bremner Morven , Carbarns Amy , Essa Ismail , Bradley Rebecca , Choong Wong Sze , Mason Avril , Kubba Haytham

Background: Recurrent middle ear disease may lead to poor growth or may suggest an underlying diagnosis associated with short stature. The aim of the study was to describe stature in a cohort of girls attending a paediatric ENT service.Methods: Height and weight was measured in all girls attending ENT clinics over an 8 week period (n=83). A mid-parental height (MPH) was calculated from reported parental heights. Th...

ea0085p1 | Adrenal 1 | BSPED2022

Recommendations for hydrocortisone doses for emergency management and peri-operative care for childhood adrenal insufficiency. BSPED consensus guidelines

Mushtaq Talat , Ali Salma , Boulos Nabil , Boyle Roisin , Cheetham Tim , Davies Justin , Elder Charlotte , Gan Hoong-Wei , Hindmarsh Peter , Katugampola Harshini , Kerr Stephanie , Krone Nils , Salomon Estebanez Maria , Shenoy Savitha , Tollerfield Sally , Choong Wong Sze , Regan Fiona

Adrenal insufficiency (AI) is characterised by lack of cortisol production from the adrenal glands which is treated with replacement doses of hydrocortisone. At times of physiological stress there is an increased requirement for exogenous glucocorticoids, which if untreated can lead to an adrenal crisis. Currently there are no unified guidelines for those <18 years old in the UK; this can lead to a substantial variation in the management of AI in both an emergency and peri...