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ea0092op-03-02 | Oral Session 3: Signalling in Thyroid cancer | ETA2023

Determination of the role of map kinase and PI3K/AKT signaling pathways in the regulation of multidrug resistance proteins in thyroid cancer

Godlewska Marlena , Ratajczak Maciej , Gajda Ewa , Gawel agata , Zebracka-Gala Jadwiga , Cieślicka Marta , Oczko-Wojciechowska Malgorzata , Kowalska Malgorzata , Gawel Damian

Thyroid cancer (TC) has one of the fastest increasing incidences worldwide and primarily involves papillary thyroid cancer (PTC). Cancer cells have numerous mechanisms that govern drug resistance, among which activation of multidrug resistance (MDR) genes encoding ABC efflux pumps plays an important role. Acquisition of drug resistance by TC cells is becoming a significant obstacle to effective therapy, leading to insensitivity to classical chemotherapeutics, but also to speci...

ea0092ps1-09-09 | Thyroid Cancer | ETA2023

A novel somatic genetic alteration in sporadic medullary thyroid carcinoma

Kowalska Malgorzata , Pfeifer Aleksandra , Zebracka-Gala Jadwiga , Cieślicka Marta , Chmielik Ewa , Rusinek Dagmara , Krajewska Jolanta , Czarniecka Agnieszka , Oczko-Wojciechowska Malgorzata

Introduction: Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) is a malignant thyroid tumor originating from parafollicular C-cells. Most of MTCs (75%) are sporadic while remaining are hereditary. The hereditary form of MTC is a consequence of the mutation of the proto-oncogene RET (Rearranged During Transfection). Somatic mutations of the RET gene are also present in 40%-70% of the sporadic form of MTC (sMTC). Somatic mutations are also observed in the RAS genes and very rarely in the BRAF ...

ea0040p6 | (1) | ESEBEC2016

Toxicity of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in the treatment of thyroid cancer – a 10-year experience resume

Krajewska Jolanta , Kukulska Aleksandra , Paliczka-Cieślik Ewa , Handkiewicz-Junak Daria , Gawlik Tomasz , Olczyk Tomasz , Kropińska Aleksandra , Michalik Barbara , Gubała Elżbieta , Jarząb Barbara

Targeted therapy based on tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) constitutes a new treatment modality in thyroid cancer (TC). Their efficacy in prolongation of progression free survival in comparison to placebo has been documented in phase III studies. However, a problem of their tolerability has recently risen as numerous side effects influencing the quality of life may potentially limit their clinical use. Therefore, we decided to carry out a retrospective analysis of the frequen...