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ea0033oc3.6 | Oral Communications 3 | BSPED2013

A feasibility study of intra-gastric balloons (supported by a lifestyle programme) for the treatment of severe adolescent obesity – the (BOB) Study.

Sachdev Pooja , Reece Lindsey , Copeland Rob , Wales Jerry , Wright Neil

Rationale: Although many adolescents meet the NICE criteria for bariatric surgery there is a reluctance to undertake or commission such irreversible procedures in young people. Balloons are temporary, reversible, safer and more acceptable and in adults have been shown to promote a clinically significant change in BMI of 4.0–9.0 kg/m2 But due to subsequent weight regain, bypass surgery is preferred.This is a feasibility study of endocsopic...

ea0039oc6.9 | Oral Communications 6 | BSPED2015

The impact of intragastric balloon placement suppported by a lifestyle intervention programme on cortical and trabecular microstructure and strength in severely obese adolescents

Sachdev Pooja , Reece Lindsey , Thomson Mike , Copeland Rob , Wales Jerry , Dimitri Paul , Wright Neil

Background: The effect of profound weight loss following obesity surgery on skeletal microarchitecture and strength in adolescents has not been studied. Obese children are at an increased risk of fracture and childhood obesity leads to reconfiguration of trabecular bone without augmenting bone strength.Objectives: To examine the impact of weight loss following 6 months treatment with an intragastric balloon supported by a lifestyle intervention programme...

ea0045oc8.5 | Oral Communications 8- Diabetes | BSPED2016

Biomedical outcomes of weight loss associated with intragastric balloon therapy supported by a life style programme in severe adolescent obesity

Sachdev Pooja , Reece Lindsey , Copeland Rob , Thomson Mike , Natarajan Anuja , Wales Jerry , Wright Neil

Background: Severe obesity in childhood is associated with significant morbidity including systolic hypertension, fatty liver, obstructive sleep apnoea, dyslipidemia and type 2 diabetes. Evidence that even small changes in BMI SDS bring about significant clinical benefit is strong.Objectives: To assess the impact of weight loss associated with intragastric balloon therapy supported by a life style programme on biomedical outcomes (glucose metabolism, blo...