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ea0056p344 | Diabetes (to include epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2018

Evaluation of procalcitonin levels in diabetic and diabetic nephropathic patients

Dagdeviren Murat , Beyan Esin , Dagdeviren Tanyel Sema , Copuroglu Esra , Cagir Yavuz , Dogan Ozlem , Ertugrul Derun Taner , Altay Mustafa

Aim: To determine how serum procalcitonin (PCT) levels are affected in diabetic and diabetic nephropathic patients, it is important to determine whether PCT is indicative of an inflammation in these patients.Materials and methods: The study included 175 patients (75 diabetic nephropathy (group 1), 75 diabetic (group 2) and 25 non-diabetic nephropathy (group 3)) and 75 healthy volunteers. Serum and urine creatinine, serum high sensitive C- reactive protei...

ea0073aep796 | Late Breaking | ECE2021

A case of non-familial pheochromocytoma presenting one of the identical twin at young age

Turan Kubra , Copuroglu Esra , Sacikara Muhammed , Nasiroglu Imga Narin , Tuncel Altug , Topaloglu Oya , Ersoy Reyhan , Cakir Bekir

BackgroundPheochromocytomas are rare tumors originating from chromaffin cells and characterized by excessive catecholamine synthesis. They are usually benign lesions. Hypertension(HT), tachycardia, sweating and headache are frequently observed. We aimed to present a high malignancy suspected pheochromocytoma case diagnosed in a young age female.Case presentationA 20-year-old female patient was admitted to the...

ea0073aep825 | Late Breaking | ECE2021

Mucormycosis in a patient with newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus and diabetic ketoacidosis

Turan Kubra , Copuroglu Esra , Abbas Tam Ali , Keskin Caglar , Ozdemir Didem , Onak Kandemir Nilufer , Sancak Mecit , Topaloglu Oya , Ersoy Reyhan , Cakir Bekir

BackgroundMucormycosis is an opportunistic fungal infection that can be aggressive and mortal. Diabetic ketoacidosis(DKA) is a risk factor for mucormycosis. We present a case with mucormycosis presenting with newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus and DKA.Case presentationA 34-year-old male patient presented with confusion and vomiting. He had no comorbiditiy. On admission the patient was afebrile, hypotensive (85...