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ea0011p728 | Steroids | ECE2006

Capillary blood, an alternative to saliva for the diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome?

Belaidi N , Mimouni S , Ourioux C , Gatta B , Corcuff JB

Introduction: As an alternative to cortisol assays in the serum or saliva to diagnose hypercorticisme we evaluated the ability of a commercial cortisol assay to assess capillary blood cortisol concentrations using routine procedures.Methods: Capillary blood was obtained using a device used by diabetics to routinely assess capillary glucose levels and deposited on Schleicher-Scheull 903 blotter paper (routinely used for neonatal diagnosis of hypothyroidis...

ea0011p257 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | ECE2006

Nutritional outcome in end-stage renal disease diabetic patients: short term follow-up of patients initiating/escaping dialysis

Raffaitin C , Chauveau P , Lasseur C , Barthe N , Gin H , Combe C , Corcuff JB , Rigalleau V

Introduction: Undernutrition is common in haemodialysed diabetic patients. To estimate the nutritional status before and after dialysis, we followed up prospectively initially undialysed uremic diabetic patients.Methods: All 20 patients had initial body composition (Lean Body Mass, LBM, using DEXA) and serum albumin (SA) measurements. Ten patients underwent hemodialysis (HD) after 15 m (mean). They had a similar LBM & SA evaluation 6.5 m after starti...

ea0011p258 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | ECE2006

Improvement of nutritional status in non-dialysed uremic diabetic patients

Raffaitin C , Chauveau P , Lasseur C , Barthe N , Gin H , Combe C , Corcuff JB , Rigalleau V

Introduction: End-Stage Renal Disease is a common cause of undernutrition, with a high risk of morbidity and mortality in dialysis. To improve nutritional status before dialysis, we followed up 35 non-dialysed uremic diabetic patients in a prospective and cooperative study.Methods: We analysed glomerular filtration rate (GFR, using 51Cr-EDTA), glycemic control (HbA1c), and nutritional status: body composition (lean body mass, LBM, by DEXA), serum albumin...

ea0011p727 | Steroids | ECE2006

High risk of adrenal insufficiency after single intra- or peri-articular steroid administration in young healthy sportsmen

Duclos M , Guinot M , Colsy M , Merle F , Corcuff JB , Le Bouc Y

Objectives: To determine if a single intra- or peri-articular injection of corticosteroid for post-traumatic or microtraumatic skeleton injuries in healthy young subjects would induce a suppression of hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis activity and reactivity.Methods: 10 young healthy male sportsmen (28.8±2.5 years) received a single intra- or peri-articular injection of either cortivazol or betamethasone for post-traumatic or microtraumatic skeleto...

ea0011p259 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | ECE2006

Subthalamic nucleus stimulation in parkinsonian patients does not increase serum ghrelin levels

Corcuff JB , Perlemoine C , Macia F , Tison F , Coman I , Guehl D , Burbaud P , Cuny E , Baillet L , Gin H , Rigalleau V

Introduction: Patients with Parkinson’s disease on pharmacological treatment frequently loose weight but regain weight after subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation (SNBS). This is, at least in part, due to an increase in resting energy expenditure (Perlemoine et al., Br J Nutrition 2005; 93). As SNBS electrodes are located close to the hypothalamic centre regulating food intake, we investigated whether ghrelin levels would vary with SNBS and/or L-DOPA tr...