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ea0016p434 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2008

Hypopituitarism and features of the metabolic syndrome in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Prodam Flavia , Gasco Valentina , Rovere Silvia , Perino Claudio , Golisano Graziella , Busti Arianna , Belcastro Sara , Corneli Ginevra , Aimaretti Gianluca

Objective: Hypopituitarism in adults may be a consequence of TBI, but in the acute or long term management of TBI patients (ptx), endocrine evaluations are not usually included. Aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of hypopituitarism and metabolic syndrome in a population of 54 severe (n=31) and moderate (n=23) TBI ptx (38 M, 16 F; age (mean±S.D.): 39.8±2.1 years) who had TBI more than 12 months before.<p class="abstext...

ea0014oc8.3 | Neuroendocrinology clinical | ECE2007

Pituitary imaging abnormalities in patients with and without hypopituitarism after traumatic brain injury

Schneider Harald J. , Croce Chiara G. , Corneli Ginevra , Ghigo Ezio , Stalla Günter K. , Aimaretti Gianluca

Recent evidence shows that patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) are at substantial risk of hypopituitarism. However, the pathomechanisms are still not completely understood. Little is known about the association of morphological changes in the sella region with pituitary function in TBI. In this study, we assessed morphological abormalities of the sella region in patients with TBI and their relation to endocrine function.We have studied MR or CT sc...

ea0016p352 | Growth and development | ECE2008

Evaluation of insulin sensitivity in growth hormone (GH) deficient children before and at the end of rhGH therapy

Savastio Silvia , Bellone Simonetta , Bellone Jaele , Zanetta Fiorella , Di Dio Giuseppina , Giacoma Sara , Petri Antonella , Prodam Flavia , Corneli Ginevra , Bona Gianni , Aimaretti Gianluca

Introduction: Therapy with recombinant GH (rhGH) allows GH-deficient children (GHD) to reach an adequate adult stature. Previous studies have reported a significant rise in serum insulin levels during GH therapy. It has been demonstrated that insulin resistance is a risk factor for the development of DMT2, atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia and hypertension.Subjects and methods: Aim of our study was to evaluate changes in insulin sensitivity in a group of GHD...

ea0016p539 | Obesity | ECE2008

Ghrelin gene polymorphisms in Prader Willi Syndrome

Prodam Flavia , Bellone Simonetta , Corneli Ginevra , Rienzo Francesca Di , Giacoma Sara , Rapa Anna , Vivenza Daniela , Grugni Graziano , Crino Antonino , Battista Eliana Di , Bona Gianni

Introduction: Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a genetic syndrome characterized by hyperphagia, morbid obesity, and many other endocrine alterations. PWS subjects present higher ghrelin levels. The cause of this increase as well as the modulation of ghrelin secretion at fasting and feeding in relation to other metabolic parameters in PWS is largely unknown. It has also been demonstrated that many ghrelin gene (GHRL) polymorphisms are associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, and...

ea0014p537 | (1) | ECE2007

Idiopathic isolated GH deficiency (IGHD) and combined pituitary hormone deficiency (CPHD) in Italy: genetic screening and clinical correlates

Corneli Ginevra , Vivenza Daniela , Mellone Simona , Tiradani Luigi , Carlomagno Yari , Godi Michela , Bellone Simonetta , Aimaretti Gianluca , Giordano Mara , Momigliano-Richiardi Patricia , Bona Gianni

Mutations in genes encoding pituitary-specific factors have been identified in patients with idiopathic isolated GH deficiency (IGHD) or combined pituitary hormone deficiency (CPHD), with or without neuro-morphological abnormalities. We screened 205 IGHD (M/F:131/74; 183 sporadic and 22 belonging to 12 families) for mutations in GH1, GHRH-R, HESX1 and 129 CPHD, (M/F:75/54; 118 sporadic and 13 belonging to 9 families) for mutations in PIT1, PROP1, <i...

ea0014p595 | (1) | ECE2007

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and lipid profile abnormalities: study 12 months after the brain injury

Di Somma Carolina , Rota Francesca , Rovere Silvia , Rosaria Ambrosio Maria , Fusco Alessandra , Corneli Ginevra , Bianchi Antonio , De Marinis Laura , degli Uberti Ettore Ciro , Lombardi Gaetano , Ghigo Ezio , Colao Annamaria , Aimaretti Gianluca

Aim of this study was to evaluate lipid profile and the severity of GHD, in a large group of TBI patients with or without GH deficiency. We assayed lipid profile (Total-, HDL- Cholesterol, Triglycerides) in 62 TBI subjects 12 months after TBI (41 M, 21 F, 13–81 yrs, BMI: 24.6±0.6 kg/m2), and in 62 sex-, age- and BMI-matched controls. Based on the GH peak after GHRH+ARG test, patients were stratified as: 1) severe GHD (GH peak ≤ 9 μg/l; <i...