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ea0014p274 | (1) | ECE2007

The endocrine disruptor DDT appears to be an uncompetitive inverse agonist for activating TSHr mutants, FSH receptor and LH receptor

Montanelli Lucia , Ferrarini Eleonora , Dimida Antonio , Rossi Mario , Agretti Patrizia , Giorgi Franco , Corsini Giovanni Umberto , Pinchera Aldo , Vitti Paolo , Maggio Roberto , Tonacchera Massimo

The insecticide DDT has been shown to inhibit both the basal and the TSH stimulated accumulation of cAMP in CHO stably transfected with the TSHr (CHO-TSHr). Aim of this study was to evaluate whether the DDT has a similar effect on cells transfected with TSHr mutants displaying a high level of constitutive activity. In addition we investigate the effect of DDT on cells transfected with wtFSHr and wtLHr which share a high degree of amino-acid homology sequence with wtTSHr. In co...