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ea0041oc10.4 | Reproduction & Endocrine Disruption | ECE2016

Impaired adipose function in PCOS – evidence that the primary abnormalities are in subcutaneous rather than visceral fat

Siemienowicz Katarzyna , Coukan Flavien , Lerner Avigdor , Franks Stephen , Rae Mick , Duncan Colin

Central obesity and increased visceral adipose tissue (VAT) are key factors contributing to metabolic dysfunction in PCOS. We therefore hypothesized that there would be alterations in the morphology and function of adipocytes from visceral fat depots. The female offspring of pregnant sheep treated biweekly with either 100 mg of testosterone propionate (TP) or vehicle control (C) from day 62–102 of gestation develop a clinically realistic PCOS-like condition. They develop ...