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ea0078OC9.4 | Oral Communications 9 | BSPED2021

Changes in trends in Short Synacthen Test use over a decade - a single centre experience

Ross Callum , Nicole Craig Jessica , Hariprasad Anu-Sree , Auckland Isobel , Colyer Sharon , Elder Charlotte

Background: The Short Synacthen Test (SST) is the most popular test of adrenal insufficiency (AI) worldwide. The current SST protocol at Sheffield Children’s Hospital (SCH) recommends measurement of serum cortisol at baseline, then 30- and 60-minutes post stimulation. A peak cortisol of >429nmol/l constitutes a pass. Our practise has evolved to consider results between 350 and 429nmol/l as “borderline” and these patients may be treated with stress dosing ste...

ea0085p47 | Adrenal 2 | BSPED2022

Salivary sampling in neonates, infants, and young children: glucocorticoid stability under different conditions and the introduction of a novel collection technique

Tonge Joseph , Keevil Brian , Craig Jessica , Whitaker Martin , Ross Richard , Elder Charlotte

Background: Measurement of salivary glucocorticoids is gaining popularity as it offers a non-invasive collection technique, enabling sampling in the community or home environment, allowing tailored capture of steroid circadian rhythm and improved patient experience. Current popular salivary collection methods cannot be used in very young children due to choking and the requirement for active participation. There is little data on saliva stability during home collection.<p ...

ea0095oc5.9 | Oral Communications 5 | BSPED2023

Home waking salivary cortisone to screen for adrenal insufficiency in children

Tavernier Mathilde , Ross Callum , Jessica Craig , Balagamage Chamila , Keevil Brian , Ross Richard , Debono Miguel , Elder Charlotte

Background: The current screening test for adrenal insufficiency (AI) involves patients attending hospital for an “early” morning serum cortisol sample, generally taken some considerable time after the child has woken. This risks missing the morning cortisol peak, leading to false positive results. It requires venepuncture, which is unpleasant for children. Saliva collection is non-invasive, simple and can be undertaken on waking at home, providing a...

ea0058p026 | Miscellaneous Endocrinology | BSPED2018

Using a testicular simulation model as an educational tool to improve testicular volume estimations

Craig Jessica , Sharman Megan , Fitzgerald Ciara , Wigg Dominic , Williams Beth , Wilkinson Ellen , Wright Neil , Langley Joe , Elder Charlotte

Background: Measuring testicular volume (TV) by orchidometer is a standard method of male pubertal staging. Previously we have developed a simulation model for TV estimation with different sized silicon testes housed in latex scrotum and displayed on paediatric mannequins. When used in a study of 215 paediatric endocrinologists TV was measured accurately on only 33% of occasions. Intra-observer reliability was also lacking with participants giving different estimations for the...