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ea0041ep486 | Diabetes complications | ECE2016

The dual burden of tuberculosis and diabetes in hospitalized Spanish patients

Duran Alejandra , Calvo Beatriz , Mendez Manuel , Ortola Ana , Crespo Irene , Marco Javier

Aims: The dual burden of tuberculosis (TBC) and diabetes (DM) has attracted much attention in the past decade. Patients with type 2 diabetes have a higher risk of developing pulmonary tuberculosis; moreover, DM co-morbidity in pulmonary TB is associated with poor treatment outcomes. Patients admitted to Internal Medicine (IM) Departments are an ideal setting to analyze the prognostic roll of DM on TBC clinical course.Material and method: The Minimum Basi...

ea0037ep1082 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2015

Hyperthyroidism in Internal Medicine Services in Spain (2005–2012)

Duran Sandra , Lopez Judith , Ortola Ana , Crespo Irene , Gracia Teresa Ruiz , Mendez Manuel , Nunez Karla , Marco Javier

Introduction: The prevalence of hyperthyroidism in patients admitted in Internal Medicine at Spanish hospitals is 0.8%. Proper diagnosis and management of HTD in these patients is still a challenge and therefore, the analyses of the factors involved in the prognosis and survival is of interest.Methods: Data from the minimum-data-set (MDS) of Spanish National health System were collected during 2005–2012 from discharged patients of Internal Medicine ...

ea0041ep754 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2016

The use of a specific protocol for initiation of tolvaptan therapy in mild/moderate euvolemic hyponatremia secondary to SIADH: not a single case of overcorrection

Amengual Angela , Ortola Ana , Crespo Irene , Penso Rona , Ruiz-Gracia Teresa , Gomez-Hoyos Emilia , Cuesta-Hernandez Martin , Santiago Alejandro , Calle Alfonso , Runkle Isabelle

Introduction: ESE guidelines state a risk for overcorrection of serum sodium levels (SNa) with vaptans. We present the results of our protocol for initiation of tolvaptan(TV) therapy in SIADH.Methods: Retrospective (2011–15). 86 patients with SIADH-induced mild/moderate hyponatremia received TV:7.5 mg day 1, ad-libitum liquids, no other Na-raising therapies. Conventional hospitalization (CH):66/86, day hospital (DH):20/86. Glycemia-corrected SNa det...

ea0037ep672 | Pituitary: basic and neuroendocrinology | ECE2015

The use of an oral salt load followed by furosemide in the treatment of euvolemic SIADH-induced hyponatremia

Ortola Ana , Crespo Irene , Ruiz-Gracia Teresa , Gomez-Hoyos Emilia , Cuesta Martin , Penso Rona , Amengual Angela , de Miguel Paz , Calle-Pascual Alfonso , Runkle Isabelle

Introduction: Furosemide can be used in the treatment of SIADH. However, to be effective, renal medulla osmolality (OsmRM) as reflected in urinary osmolality (UOSM) must be high. Sodium is the most important contributor to OsmRM, which increases following the administration of oral salt. We analyze the use of an oral salt load followed by furosemide for the acute/short-term treatment of euvolemic SIADH hyponatremia.Method...

ea0037ep673 | Pituitary: basic and neuroendocrinology | ECE2015

Progressive reduction of tolvaptan doses in the treatment of chronic SIADH

Ruiz-Gracia Teresa , Ortola Ana , Crespo Irene , Santiago Alejando , Gomez-Hoyos Emilia , Recio Lourdes , Cuesta Martin , Paz Pacheco Maria , Calle-Pascual Alfonso , Runkle Isabelle

Introduction: Chronic tolvaptan (TV) therapy has been found to be safe and effective in the treatment of chronic SIADH. However, experience with modification of doses over time is limited.Methods: We conducted a retrospective analysis of weekly TV doses (mg) in 41 patients with chronic SIADH treated for a minimum of 3 months, seen a week following discharge and monthly thereafter. Serum sodium (SNa) goal was 137–140 mmol/l, with 50% TV dose reductio...

ea0073aep115 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2021

Transient hypocalcaemia and definitive hypoparathyroidism after total thyroidectomy in Graves’ disease

Bruno Bouça , Amaral Sara , Vasques Miguel , Monteiro Nuno , Crespo Ana , José Coutinho , Tavares Paula , Bogalho Paula , José Silva-Nunes

IntroductionHypocalcaemia is a complication of total thyroidectomy (TT) and may be more frequent in patients with Graves’ disease. The reason for this increased risk is unclear and its occurrence has been associated with: ophthalmopathy severity, preoperative calcaemia and reimplantation of parathyroid glands.ObjectivesTo evaluate the risk factors for transient hypocalcaemia (TH) and definitive hypoparat...

ea0041ep760 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2016

Morbimortality of hospitalized patients receiving parenteral nutrition and presenting hyponatremia

Gomez Hoyos Emilia , Matia Martin Pilar , Ortola Buigues Ana , Crespo Hernandez Irene , Cuesta Hernandez Martin , Perez Ferre Natalia , Angel Rubio Herrera Miguel , De Luis Roman Daniel , Calle Pascual Alfonso , Runkle de la Vega Isabelle

Introduction: Hyponatremia is the most frequent electrolyte disorder found in clinical practice, and has been associated with increased morbimortalty. Hyponatremia is even more common among patients receiving parenteral nutricion(PN), a therapy increasingly in use. However, the morbimortality of hyponatremic patients on PN is unknown.Methods: Retrospective study, selecting all patients receiving PN in a teaching hospital from 01/11/11 to 01/06/12. We eva...