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ea0021p391 | Thyroid | SFEBES2009

Practical value of 131I whole body scan in follow up of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer

Pazderska Agnieszka , Cullen Michael , O'Reilly Geraldine , Crowley Vivion , Healy Marie Louise

Historically, the 131I whole body scan played a central role in the assessment of disease status in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer.In 2006, the European Thyroid Cancer Taskforce published a new Consensus Statement. It favoured the use of stimulated serum thyroglobulin measurement and neck ultrasound for follow up of disease activity. The use of diagnostic 131I whole body scan was no longer recommended as a routine test....

ea0014p84 | (1) | ECE2007

Response to metformin treatment in adolescent siblings with familial partial lipodystrophy of the dunnigan variety (FPLD) due to the R482W LMNA gene mutation

Ryan James , Kiely Patrick , Crowley Vivion , Maher Michael , O’Connor Rosemary , O’Halloran Domhnaill

FPLD is a rare monogenic cause of insulin resistance. We document responses to treatment with metformin in 2 adolescent sisters with FPLD due to heterozygosity for R482W LMNA gene mutation.The probands, aged 14 and 16 years, presented with secondary amenorrhoea, hirsutism and progressive acanthosis nigricans. Phenotypically they showed central obesity, nuchal enlargement, and thin muscular arms. These changes occurred post-pubertally. Anthrpometri...