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ea0011s65 | Anabolic hormones in sport | ECE2006


Cowan DA

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) banned blood doping in 1988 after the discovery that cyclists were transfusing homologous blood at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984. Recombinant erythropoietin (EPO) was developed for the treatment of anaemia following the cloning of the human EPO gene in 1984. Unfortunately, sports competitors could then misuse EPO to increase circulating haemoglobin and its oxygen carrying capacity in order to gain an advantage in endurance even...

ea0092ps3-26-05 | Thyroid hormone diagnostics 2 | ETA2023

Radiomics analysis of thyroid ultrasound in relation to the radioactive iodine therapy-related sialadenitis

Hyun Lee Da

Objective: Patients with thyroiditis often have sialadenitis. Radioactive iodine therapy (RAIT) sialadenitis could lower the patient’s quality of life. However, it had not been investigated about the occurrence of RAIT sialadenitis and the presence of underlying thyroiditis. Therefore, we analyzed the preoperative thyroid ultrasound (US) with radiomics to figure out the occurrence of the RAIT sialadenitis.Materials and Methods: In this retrospective...

ea0085nep1.1 | Endocrine Symposium 3 | BSPED2022

CAH & adolescent gynaecology – an MDT perspective

Learner Hazel , Da Silva Philomena , Williams Louise

We work in a service at UCLH in London which cares for young people and adults with differences of sex development. Among other diagnoses CAH makes up quite a lot of our cohort of patients. Adolescents with CAH that our team see include those born with atypical genitalia who may have had, or have not had surgery in childhood on their clitoris or vagina. We also see adolescents with CAH who have issues with puberty and their periods. For adolescents with issues with their genit...

ea0012p42 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFE2006

Cannabinoid receptors in proliferation and differentiation of white and brown adipose tissues

Agarwal N , Rees DA , Ludgate ME

BackgroundCannabinoid (CB) receptors are expressed in adipocytes. CB1 antagonism may have potential in the metabolic syndrome, with effects mediated through central orexigenic mechanisms and via peripheral action on white adipose tissue (WAT). Equivalent studies in brown adipose tissue (BAT) are lacking.ObjectiveWe aimed to compare CB1 and CB2 receptor expression during WAT and BAT adipogenesis and to investi...

ea0012p119 | Steroids to include Cushing's | SFE2006

Determination of xenobiotic glucocorticoids by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry for clinical purposes

Walker CJ , Cowan DA , Taylor NF , Kicman AT

Methyl oxime–trimethylsilyl (MO-TMS) derivatisation with gas chromatography–mass spectrometric (GC-MS) analysis has been well established in the analysis of glucocorticoids and is still used in many laboratories for profiling endogenous steroids for clinical purposes. There appears to be a clinical need to extend the analysis to xenobiotic glucocorticoids, primarily to elucidate cases of patients presenting with adverse symptoms associated with glucocorticoid excess,...

ea0081p325 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2022

Association between the coefficient of glycemic variation and time in range, below and above range in continuous monitoring glucose systems in type 1 diabetes

Gomes da Costa Cristiana , Matos Tania , Vale Sonia

Introduction: Glycemic variability (GV) is a major consideration when evaluating quality of glycemic control. Coefficient of glycemic variation (%CV) is the metric of choice to define GV. International consensus on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) recommends a %CV <36. Additional studies suggest that low %CV minimize hypoglycemia events <54 mg/dl.Aims: The aim of this analysis is to examine the expected relationship between the coefficient of ...

ea0081p629 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2022

Deep soft tissue masses as a manifestation of type 2 diabetes

da Costa Cristiana Gomes , Jacome Morgado Francisca , Vale Sonia

Introduction: Xanthomas are defined as aggregates of lipid-laden histiocytes. They are generally present in superficial soft tissues such as skin and subcutis but can occasionally involve deep soft tissues. Xanthomas are classically associated with hyperlipidemia, that can be primary or secondary to numerous disorders such as diabetes. This case highlights an atypical manifestation of T2D.Case report: A 61-year-old women was referred to our endocrinology...

ea0081p487 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Pazopanib-induced hypothyroidism in a patient with adrenal metastasis of renal cell carcinoma

Gomes da Costa Cristiana , Roque Joao , Reis Dinis

Introduction: Pazopanib is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) considered to be a first-line treatment in adult patients with metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC). Thyroid dysfunction, namely hypothyroidism, is now recognized as being an important but potentially manageable side effect induced by such therapy. With this case we aimed to recall an endocrinological complication that can emerge during treatment with TKIs and highlight the importance of a thorough foll...

ea0063p204 | Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 1 | ECE2019

False memory is very common by elderly diabetics and could be a big problem in patients education and diabetes outcome

Gołda Anna , Jarosz Agnieszka , Maciejewski Marek , Marczewski Krzysztof

Introduction: False memory, that is, remembering events, prohibitions and recommendations that did not happen. This phenomenon has long been known in forensics as it seems to be much more recognized in everyday life. This also applies to patients who could significantly interfere with communication with the doctor and education opportunities. In the face of surprisingly few papers on this subject regarding diabetes, we would like to present our observation.<p class="abstex...

ea0063p378 | Thyroid 1 | ECE2019

Should the dose of levothyroxine be changed in hypothyroidism patients fasting during Ramadan?

Koca Arzu Or , Dağdeviren Murat , Altay Mustafa

Objective: Muslims worship by fasting from pre-dawn (suhoor) until sunset (iftar) for 30 days in the religious month of Ramadan. In addition to prolonged hunger, patients fasting with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism take their doses of levothyroxine outside of daytime fasting hours. This study compares thyroid functions of fasting hypothyroidism patients with the values before Ramadan.Methods: One hundred patients aged 18–65 years were included in the...