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ea0044ep36 | (1) | SFEBES2016

Periodic episodes of weakness over 7 years

Dales Jolyon , Vasudevan Pradeep , Kong Marie-France

A 24-year-old traffic warden was initially referred to the neurology department with episodes of “funny turns” over the past 7 years. Without warning she would become dizzy and lightheaded with blurring of vision and weak legs. These symptoms would resolve after ingesting something sweet but the relief of her symptoms was not immediate. The episodes could happen at any time of the day but never first thing in the morning and could happen several times a week. She rep...

ea0077lb52 | Late Breaking | SFEBES2021

Central serous retinopathy as a manifestation of cushing’s disease – two case reports

Dales Jolyon , Bhake Ragini , Levy Miles , Reddy Narendra

Introduction: The hypercortisolaemic state of Cushing’s syndrome can lead to ophthalmic complications. We present two case reports of rare association of central serous retinopathy (CSR) and Cushing’s syndrome.Case 1: A 46-year-old man presented with gradual deteriorating vision. He was diagnosed with CSR and was referred to the Endocrine department for screening for Cushing’s given suspicious clinical features. Past history included hyper...

ea0082wb1 | Workshop B: Disorders of growth and development | SFEEU2022

Delayed growth and puberty due to pituitary iron deposition from beta-thalassaemia major

Dales Jolyon , Bhake Ragini , Gohil Shailesh , Greening James

Introduction: The predominant management of beta-thalassemia major is repeated blood transfusions but this runs the risk of haemosiderosis leading to multiple endocrinopathies. Iron chelation therapy can reduce this risk, however universal access is poor. Case Presentation: An 18 year old male with “type 1 diabetes” was referred to Young Adult Diabetes Clinic having arrived to the UK from Syria 10 days previously. The only past medical history ...

ea0086p226 | Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes | SFEBES2022

Use of Freestyle Libre® In People with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Specialist Diabetes Clinic

Dales Jolyon , Wilson Caroline , Griffin Tomas , Choudhary Pratik

Introduction: Flash glucose monitoring has been widely used for people with T1DM over the last 10 years. In March 2022 NICE guidelines recommended extending use to people with T2DM on insulin, previously use was limited to people on dialysis and those self-funding.Aim: To examine the use and outcomes of flash glucose monitoring in people with T2DM.Methods: People with T2DM locally who have used flash glucose monitoring for more tha...

ea0059p144 | Neuroendocrinology and pituitary | SFEBES2018

25 years of sporadic insulinomas - A case series

Dales Jolyon , Bhake Ragini , Reddy Narendra , Levy Miles

Introduction: An insulinoma is a rare neuro-endocrine tumour originating in the pancreatic beta-cells with unregulated secretion of insulin resulting in profound hypoglycaemia.Methods: A search of electronic hospital records identified all patients with a primary diagnosis of insulinoma. Clinic and discharge letters, radiology investigations, laboratory investigations and case notes were reviewed to highlight the presentation, investigations and laborato...

ea0038p84 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2015

Decreased conscious level and a renal mass

Dales Jolyon , Prouten Jenny , Macriyiannis Thrasos , Kong Marie-France

A 70-year-old lady with known hypothyroidism and ischaemic heart disease (previous CABG) presented with tonic clonic seizures. Her BP was 245/110. She was admitted to the intensive care unit. MRI brain showed subcortical oedema with subarachnoid bleed in the left temporal parietal region. Investigation for malignant hypertension showed a solid mass measuring 17×17×11 cm completely replacing the left kidney on CT-scanning. She was discharged home on sodium valproate w...

ea0094p179 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular | SFEBES2023

Rare case of a giant Adrenal Schwannoma

Viswanath Aditya , Dales Jolyon , Levy Miles , Shah Vikas

Introduction: Adrenal schwannomas are rare but important causes of adrenal tumours which can often only be diagnosed histologically. We present an interesting case of an incidentally detected adrenal schwannoma.Case: A 67-year-old gentleman had an ultrasound imaging of the abdomen that incidentally revealed a large right adrenal mass prompting referral to the endocrinology service. His past medical history included myoca...

ea0063oc3.2 | Cushing's and acromegaly | ECE2019

Outcomes after primary treatment for Nelson’s syndrome: a study from 13 UK centres

Fountas Athanasios , Lim Eugenie , Drake William M , Polson Andrew , Gurnell Mark , Martin Niamh M , Seejore Khyatisha , Murray Robert D , MacFarlane James , Ahluwalia Rupa , Swords Francesca , Ashraf Muhammad , Pal Aparna , Chong Zhuomin , Freel Marie , Balafshan Tala , Purewal Tejpal S , Speak Rowena G , Newell-Price John , Higham Claire , Hussein Ziad , Baldeweg Stephanie E , Dales Jolyon , Reddy Narendra , Levy Miles , Karavitaki Niki

Nelson’s syndrome (NS) is a potentially severe complication following bilateral adrenalectomy for Cushing’s disease (CD). Series assessing outcomes of treatments for NS are limited by small sample size, often short follow-up and variability of success criteria. We performed a UK multi-centre study aiming to review outcomes of primary treatment for NS. Clinical, laboratory, imaging data were collected. Kaplan-Meier method, log-rank test, Cox regression analysis were u...