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ea0037ep111 | Steroids, development and paediatric endocrinology | ECE2015

The beast behind the dwarf

Rimbu Cosmina , Damian Lisandra , Leustean Letitia , Miron Ingrith , Florescu Alexandru , Vulpoi Carmen , Ungureanu Maria Christina

Abnormalities of growth are one of the most common reasons for the paediatric–endocrinology consults. It’s an obvious manifestation with countless possible causes behind, and sometimes we can have unexpected diagnosis.Case presentation: we investigated the case of a 4 years old girl, born at term, naturally, SGA: birth weight=1950 g, who presented in the Endocrinology Department for short stature. Clinical evaluation: 89.5 cm (−4 DS), 11 ...

ea0037ep1333 | Clinical Cases–Thyroid/Other | ECE2015

Potential effects of endocrine disruption: reproductive tract abnormalities in a 4 years boy

Rimbu Cosmina , Damian Lisandra , Axinte Ramona , Preda Cristina , Mogos Voichita , Ungureanu Maria Christina

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are substances, both natural and artificial to which we are all exposed, even in a low dose in our everyday life. Health effects attributed to endocrine disrupting compounds include immune dysfunctions, various cancers, neurological effects and behaviour disorders, reproductive problems, early puberty, etc. Over the past 50 years, an increase in urogenital tract abnormalities in males has been noted. We present a 4 year old boy case report, born ...