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ea0017p22 | (1) | BSPED2008

Use of aromatase inhibitor in a boy with short stature and advanced bone age

Thankamony A , Dattani MT , Acerini CL , Hughes IA

Aromatase inhibitors (AIs) have been proposed as a modality in the treatment of short stature in boys. Improvement in final height and predicted final height has been observed in children with constitutional delay of growth and puberty and idiopathic short stature. AIs block the conversion of androgens to estrogens and thus may delay epiphyseal fusion and thereby prolong linear growth. We report our experience with the use of letrozole, a third generation AI, in a boy with gen...

ea0017oc5 | Endocrinology 2 | BSPED2008

Changes in the polyalanine tract in SOX3 is a rare cause of hypopituitarism

Alatzoglou KS , Kelberman D , Cowell C , Arnhold IJP , Grueters A , Dattani MT

Background: SOX3, a member of the SOXB1 subfamily of transcription factors, is a single-exon gene located on the X-chromosome and expressed in neuroepithelial and progenitor cells from the earliest stages. In mice, its expression in the infundibulum is important for the correct induction of Rathke’s pouch morphogenesis, with loss of function resulting in defects of CNS midline structures, teeth misalignment and variable hypopituitarism. We have previously demonstra...