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ea0027s33 | Endocrine Nurse Session | BSPED2011

Hows, whys and wherefores o endocrine testing: nurse perspective

Davies K

It will focus on nursing issues relevant in today’s practice, by predominantly centering on the ‘Endocrine Testing’ section of the competency framework, by exploring the Competent, Experienced and Senior / Expert Practitioner roles with reference to how to carry out dynamic endocrine function tests. Other topics will also be touched upon in order to initiate a discussion amongst all the nurses present, such as consent, information leaflets and other practicaliti...

ea0038p434 | Thyroid | SFEBES2015

Thyroid hormones and mitochondrial development in skeletal muscle of foetal sheep near term

Davies K L , Forhead A J , De Blasio M J , Murray A J , Fowden A L

Thyroid hormones increase foetal and adult metabolic rates, and, in adult tissues, increase mitochondrial biogenesis. Foetal tri-iodothyronine (T3) concentrations rise towards term in preparation for the increased postnatal energy demands but whether they affect mitochondrial development remains unknown. This study examined mitochondrial development in skeletal muscle of thyroid hormone deficient sheep foetuses near term.At 105–110 days (...

ea0017p56 | (1) | BSPED2008

Implementing the RCN competency framework for paediatric endocrine nurses

Davies K , P Musson , Casey A , Walker J , Whitehead A , Martin L , Langham S , McNeill E , Reid J , Davies JH

Background: There have been a number of drivers that have led nurses to take on extended roles that have been traditionally been the domain of doctors. Competency frameworks for specialist nurses have been developed in other paediatric specialities, such as diabetes, oncology and epilepsy. However, this has not been established for paediatric endocrine nurses.Aim: To establish a competency framework for paediatric endocrine nurse specialists.<p class...