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ea0056gp140 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2018

New horizons in medical treatment of Bronchial Carcinoids: evidence from in vitro models

Bresciani Giulia , Di Tullio Chiara , De Souza Patricia Borges , Zatelli Maria Chiara

Introduction: Bronchial Carcinoids are rare neoplasms originating from the diffuse neuroendrocrine system. Surgery is the only effective therapy but may not be feasible due to metastases. Available therapy may control symptoms but not tumor bulk. Everolimus has shown promising results, however patients may develop resistance. Previous studies demonstrated that Everolimus reduces viability of NCI-H720 (Atypical Carcinoid) but not of NCI-H727 cells (Typical Carcinoid). In order ...

ea0049gp128 | Endocrine Tumours | ECE2017

Peptides derived from the sst5TMD4 extracellular domain increase malignancy of endocrine-related cancer cells

Gahete Manuel D , Rio-Moreno Mercedes del , Alors-Perez Emilia , de Souza Patricia Borges , Prados-Gonzalez Maria E , Castano Justo P , Luque Raul M

A growing number of studies suggest that extracellular fragments derived from plasma membrane receptors can play relevant functional roles in the development and progression of certain tumoral pathologies which might, therefore, serve as novel tools in the diagnostic and prognostic of such pathologies. In this scenario, the truncated somatostatin receptor sst5TMD4, which is overexpressed in various endocrine-related cancers (i.e. breast, prostate, neuroendocrine, liver and pit...