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ea0038p458 | Thyroid | SFEBES2015

Imaging in subclinical hyperthyroidism: findings from a single centre cohort

DeBray Anne , Puttanna Amar

Background: Subclinical hyperthyroidism provides a challenging condition in clinical endocrinology. The debate about who and when to treat has long been discussed. Despite guidelines describing assessment of such patients, there is surprising little data on imaging in this condition and the role of nuclear medicine or ultrasound scans.Aim: To review all patients with subclinical hyperthyroidism referred for imaging studies at a district general hospital ...

ea0044ep50 | (1) | SFEBES2016

Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) secondary to severe diabetic ketoacidosis

DeBray Anne , Munichoodappa Karthik , Puttanna Amar , De Parijat

A 20 year old female with a 3 year history of type 1 diabetes presented to the emergency department unresponsive and was diagnosed with severe diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). She had no other past medical history and was on a basal bolus regime of insulin only. GCS was 7, pH 6.7, HCO3 3.5 mmol/l, ketones 3+ on urinalysis and blood glucose of 43 mmol/l.She was commenced on fixed rate insulin infusion and IV fluids however also noted to have unequal pupils. S...

ea0038p111 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2015

Hungry bones: a case of severe complications post parathyroidectomy

DeBray Anne , Smyth Camille , Makam Tejaswi , Puttanna Amar , Raskauskiene Diana

An 18-year-old female presented to acute services with polydipsia and lower back pain. Routine blood tests revealed hypercalcaemia 3.67 mmol/l with significantly raised parathyroid hormone levels 2986 ng/l (10–65), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) 3330 IU/l (30–130), and low vitamin D 10.3 nmol/l (50–220). A CT scan revealed a 3.5 cm parathyroid adenoma and very osteopenic bones with multiple lucencies in keeping with primary hyperparathyoidism. The parathyroid subtra...