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ea0084ps2-07-57 | Graves’ Disease 1 | ETA2022

Post-alemtuzumab graves’ disease remitting after switch to ocrelizumab

Popescu Veronica , Beirinckx Annemie , Decallonne Brigitte

Objectives: Graves’ hyperthyroidism is a frequent complication of alemtuzumab treatment in MS. We present the case of an MS patient who developed clinically and biochemically overt alemtuzumab-induced Graves’ disease, remitting 6 months after treatment with ocrelizumab and methylprednisolone pulse-therapy.Methods: A 49-year-old man diagnosed with active multiple sclerosis who had undergone alemtuzumab treatment, and developed Graves’ hyper...

ea0084ps3-11-98 | Case Reports | ETA2022

Complicated treatment with lenvatinib for hurthle cell carcinoma

Lefever Eveline , Bex Marie , Decallonne Brigitte

Introduction: The tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) lenvatinib, used in radioiodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer, is usually well-tolerated. However, severe side effects can occur. We describe a life-threatening complication under lenvatinib, followed by a challenging treatment with levothyroxine (LT4).Case Report: A 62-year-old man was diagnosed with a bone-metastasized Hurthle cell thyroid carcinoma (pT3N0M1). He underwent a total thyroidecto...

ea0084ps1-05-44 | Miscellaneous | ETA2022

The effect of testosterone supplementation on the hpt axis in euthyroid hypogonadal adult men: a prospective observational study

David Karel , Antonio Leen , Claessens Frank , Vanderschueren Dirk , Decallonne Brigitte

Background and Objective: It is known that androgens decrease and estrogens increase TBG. In female to male transsexuals under testosterone replacement, decrease of TBG has been shown, but also an increased T3/T4 ratio despite stable free T4 and TSH, suggesting increased conversion to T3 by testosterone. We wanted to study the HPT axis in hypogonadal cis-males before and after testosterone replacement.Method: Prospective observational study in adult male...

ea0084ps2-08-70 | Thyroid Cancer BASIC | ETA2022

Biochemical and clinical characteristics of 16 belgian families with germline insttctdelg mutation affecting codon 666 of the retgene: a retrospective cohort study

Vuylsteke Axelle , Hannes Laurens , Uyttebroeck Anne , Legius Eric , Decallonne Brigitte

Background: Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) can result from an inherited predisposition related to variants in the RET gene. The insTTCTdelG variant in codon 666 has been previously associated with MTC in one family, but larger studies are not available. We aim to describe biochemical and clinical characteristics associated with this genetic variant in sixteen Belgian families.Methods: Retrospective study of sixteen families in Belgium, evalua...

ea0049ep1393 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

Evolution in the management of thyroid cancer: an observational study in two Belgian referral centres

Peene Bernard , Van den Bruel Annick , Moyson Carolien , Decallonne Brigitte

Background: Thyroid cancer incidence is increasing, especially the cancers ≤1 cm (T1a). Previous evidence suggests underuse of FNA. Several international guidelines for the management of thyroid cancer have been published. Especially the year 2006 was a hallmark, with the publication of both the ETA consensus and ATA guidelines.Aim: Compare thyroid cancer subtypes and management before and after 2006.Methodology: Retrospectiv...

ea0071031 | A case of a heterozygous inactivating CASR variant with adult-onset symptomatic hypercalcemia requiring extensive surgery | BES2020

A case of a heterozygous inactivating CASR variant with adult-onset symptomatic hypercalcemia requiring extensive surgery

Laurens Veldeman , Saskia Robbrecht , Jeroen Breckpot , Birgit Weynand , Brigitte Decallonne

Publication: L. Veldeman et al. Calcif Tissue Int 2020 Epub 2020 Apr 19We describe the case of an adult female patient with symptomatic familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia requiring a step-wise therapeutic approach and the eventual need for a total parathyroidectomy and thyroidectomy to cure symptoms. Genetic analysis demonstrated a heterozygous R227L inactivating CASR gene variant, previously only described in neonatal severe hyperpar...

ea0084ps3-15-136 | Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment | ETA2022

The role of core needle biopsy in the diagnosis of primary thyroid lymphoma and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Goedseels Nathan , Decallonne Brigitte , Hauben Esther , Van Lierde Charlotte , Meulemans Jeroen , Delaere Pierre , Vander Poorten Vincent

Objective: Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) and primary thyroid lymphoma (PTL) are two highly aggressive malignancies of the thyroid, both leading to a rapidly enlarging neck mass. Fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is generally performed as the primary examination for diagnosis in thyroid pathology but shows low sensitivity in diagnosing ATC or PTL. Non-diagnostic FNACs are usually followed by core-needle biopsy (CNB) or diagnostic surgery. As sensitivities of up to 100...

ea0049oc14.4 | Thyroid Cancer | ECE2017

Inverse relation between thyroid cancer incidence and threshold for thyroid surgery: a national population-based retrospective study

Decallonne Brigitte , den Bruel Annick Van , Nathalie Elaut , Schutter Harlinde De

Background: In Belgium, lower thyroid cancer incidence – most pronounced for microcancers (T1a) – is present in the North compared to the South. This variation is paralleled by differences in clinical practice: in the North less thyroid surgery is performed, more surgery is preceded by fine needle aspiration (FNA), and more patients with a final cancer diagnosis (2004–2006) underwent a presurgical FNA or a lymph node dissection (LND) at fist surgery.<p class...

ea0042oc11 | (1) | Androgens2016

Sex steroid deficiency alters renal calcium transporter expression independently of its effect on bone resorption

Khalil Rougin , Jardi Ferran , Laurent Michael , Claessens Frank , Vanderschueren Dirk , Decallonne Brigitte

It is well established that sex steroid deficiency induces bone loss, resulting in osteoporosis. Consequently, global androgen receptor knock out (ARKO) mice have trabecular and cortical osteopenia. Bone cell-specific ARKOs however, have a much less pronounced bone phenotype, suggesting that androgens have an influence on processes in other systems or organs which in turn have an impact on bone metabolism. The kidney is a likely candidate, as it plays an important role in calc...

ea0070aep157 | Bone and Calcium | ECE2020

Burden of illness in patients with chronic hypoparathyroidism not adequately controlled with conventional therapy: A survey of physicians in belgium and the Netherlands

Hamdy Neveen AT , Decallonne Brigitte , Evenepoel Pieter , Gruson Damien , Marelli Claudio , van Vlokhoven-Verhaegh Liza

Patients with hypoparathyroidism are at risk of short-term and long-term complications and comorbidities, such as renal, cardiovascular, metabolic or cognitive manifestations. The purpose of this study was to determine the burden of illness (BOI) in patients with not adequately controlled chronic hypoparathyroidism receiving conventional therapy (oral calcium supplements and active vitamin D) in Belgium and the Netherlands. Data werecollected from a cross-sectional, 2-part onl...