Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0035s16.2 | Metformin: old dog, new tricks | ECE2014

Mechanisms of antitumoral activity of metformin in thyroid cancer

Derwahl Michael

The relative risk associated with diabetes and obesity is significantly higher for different carcinomas including thyroid cancer. There is some evidence that insulin resistance and as a consequence hyperinsulinemia rather than hyperglycemia are responsible for the higher prevalence of cancer in diabetic and obese patients. In the thyroid insulin/IGF-depending signalling is part of the mitogenic pathways that regulate benign and malignant growth. In diabetics with hyperinsuline...

ea0020s17.3 | Stem cells niches in the endocrine system | ECE2009

Thyroid: stem cells: normal development and tumorigenesis

Derwahl Michael

There is some evidence from different studies that (1) stem cells reside in thyroid tissue (as in all other tissues) for life-time of the organism, (2) stem cells and their progeny are under the control of niches that limit proliferation of these undifferentiated cells, (3) induction of apoptosis and (excessive) growth stimulation can overcome strict niche control, (4) under these conditions actively cycling, more or less differentiated progenitor may grow faster than the surr...