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ea0065p123 | Bone and calcium | SFEBES2019

A case report of concomitant diagnosis of multiple myeloma and primary hyperparathyroidism

Deyab Eithar , Esakji Muhammad , Rabin Neil , Menon Ravi , Rayanagoudar Girish

Coexistence of primary hyperparathyroidism and multiple myeloma is very rare.Case report: 45 year old Jamaican female presented with left sided chest pain for a month. CXR showed a pathological left clavicular fracture with a lytic lesion. She was noted to have a serum Ca of 3.26 mmol/l.Other investigations: Haemoglobin 115 g/l (115–155), creatinine 76 umol/l (49–92), Corrected Ca 3.26 mmol/l (2.20–2.60), Phosphate 0...

ea0065p428 | Thyroid | SFEBES2019

Myxoedema coma with severe hypoxia

Deyab Eithar , Lei Linda , Hwang Sungjae , Iqbal Fahad , Menon Ravi

Myxoedema coma is a rare Endocrine emergency.Case report: 28 year old Polish woman, recently travelled to the UK, presented to the A&E with 3 week history of breathlessness and bilateral leg swelling. She had a history of Trisomy 21, was not taking any medications. She had amenorrhoea for 4 months and orthopnoea with periorbital oedema with conjunctival congestion. Saturation 70% on air, 96% on 15 l of oxygen, heart rate 42, blood pressure 103/61, te...