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ea0027p39 | (1) | BSPED2011

Treatment strategies and outcomes of paediatric Craniopharyngioma since 2005: a single centre experience

Upadrasta Swathi , Doss Arun , Mallucci Conor , Pizer Barry , Abernethy Laurence , Das Urmi , Dharmiaj Poonam , Didi Mohamed , Blair Jo

Background: The Craniopharyngioma service in our centre has changed since 2005 with a standardised preoperative assessment and a new approach to surgery and use of radiotherapy. We review the subsequent outcomes.Treatment strategy: Preoperative endocrinology: prior to dexamethasone therapy: standard dose short synacthen test (SST), thyroid function test (TFT), IGF1, LH, FSH, testosterone/oestradiol±GH stimulation test. Staging: MRI and tumour stagin...