Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0063gp119 | Diabetes: Late Complications | ECE2019

Glycemic variability and mortality in patients hospitalized to general surgery wards

Gorshtein Alexander , Shochat Tzipora , Dotan Idit , Diker-Cohen Talia , Shimon Ilan , Akirov Amit

Background: Glucose variability (GV) is common among hospitalized patients but the prognostic implications among patients hospitalized to surgical wards are unknown.Objective: Investigate the association between GV, length of stay (LOS) and mortality.Methods: Historical prospectively collected data of patients ≥18 years, hospitalized to general surgery wards between January 2011–December 2017. GV was assessed by coeffici...

ea0049ep661 | Obesity | ECE2017

Decreased HDL cholesterol efflux capacity in morbidly obese individuals as a surrogate marker for increased cardiovascular risk

Dotan Idit , Hafiane Anouar , Ruel Isabelle , Aggarwal Rajesh , Andalib Amin , Genest Jacques , Sherman Mark

Background: Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic and carries excess cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. HDL efflux capacity (HEC) was shown to be inversely correlated with cardiovascular risk (CVR), both in the acute and the chronic phases. Our aim was to understand if decreased HEC can serve as a surrogate marker for the increased CVR in this population.Methods: Forty patients: 10 obese diabetic (OD), 10 obese non-diabetic (OND), 10 with stable C...