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ea0056ep31 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2018

Interventional study to compare two regimens of vitamin D suplementation

Gonzalez Molero Inmaculada , Gonzalo Marin Monserrat , Doulatram Viyei , Abuin Jose , Olveira Gabriel

Introduction: Vitamin D deficiency is very common in our population.It is not clear which is the most effective vitamin D dosing regimen in patients with deficiency.Objective: To compare two vitamin D supplementation regimen in patients with vitamin D deficiency.Material and methods: This is an interventional study: Patients atended in our clinic during May and June 2017 with 25-Hydroxyvitamin D below 30 ng/ml were consecutively se...

ea0056p805 | Pituitary - Clinical | ECE2018

Long-term outcomes of different treatments for cushing disease: a retrospective study

Molero Inmaculada Gonzalez , Abuin Jose , Marin Monserrat Gonzalo , Doulatram Viyei , Arnes Juan Garcia , Arraez Miguel Angel , Olveira Gabriel

Introduction: Cushing disease (CD) results from excessive exposure to glucocorticoids caused by an adrenocorticotropic hormone–secreting pituitary tumor. Inadequately treated CD is associated with significant morbidity and elevated mortality.Objetive: The study purpose was to describe the long term treatment outcomes for CD patients in our hospital.Methods: Retrospective analysis of the records of 36 patients with Cushing dise...