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ea0016p680 | Thyroid | ECE2008

The influence of cure of subclinical hyperthyreosis on heart rate and autonomous nervous sytem

Kaminski Grzegorz , Makowski Karol , Dunal Agnieszka , Michalkiewicz Dariusz , Olszak Marlena , Podgajny Zbigniew , Kubik Leszek

Introduction: Subclinical hyperthyreosis (SH) affects about 1.5% population at least. The diagnosis of this disease leans on the laboratory criteria only: decreased of TSH and normal FT3 and FT4 levels. SH increases mortality and there is no unequivocal procedure algorithm to manage patients with this desease.Aim: To estimate an influence of cure of SH on heart rate and on autonomous nervous sytem and to find the relationships between parameters of Holte...