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ea0026p707 | Diabetes complications | ECE2011

Adrenocortical hypofunction in patients with diabetes mellitus type 1

Simunkova K , Vondra K , Hill M , Duskova M , Kriz L , Starka L

This work aimed at gathering own data on adrenal response to low-dose Synacthen test, CRH test and about periferal metabolism of cortisol in autoimmune type 1 diabetics with onset in adults. Seventy diabetics were investigated; age 44±10 years (mean±S.D.), age at diagnosis 28.5±10 years, disease duration 15±8 years, BMI 24.5±2.7 kg/cm2, HbA1c 7.2±1.2%. The study was approved by the Ethical Committee. Adrenal reserve was t...

ea0029p173 | Bone & Osteoporosis | ICEECE2012

The relation between quantitative characteristics of smoking and level of female skeleton damage

Duskova M. , Pospisilova H. , Hruskovicova H. , Simunkova K. , Zofkova I. , Hill M. , Starka L.

Objective: Skeletal disability pathogenesis is multifactorial. Many studies have proved a negative relation of smoking on calcium-phosphate metabolisms, bone density and quality; however in some other papers these results have not been confirmed. The aim of the study was to monitor the influence of the length of smoking, a number of cigarettes smoked and the age of the first use of cigarettes on the whole-body bone density.Methods: Whole-body densitometr...

ea0029p645 | Diabetes | ICEECE2012

Pituitary function in patients with autoimmune type 1 diabetes evaluated by CRH test

Simunkova K , Duskova M , Starka L , Hill M , Kubatova J , Vondra K

This work aimed at acquiring data on pituitary response to CRH test in autoimmune type 1 diabetics with adult onset with/without thyroid autoimmunity. Our previous study showed 25% of such diabetic patients without clinical and immunological signs of adrenal insufficiency had lower response to the Synacthen test with normal basal levels of ACTH and cortisol.Twenty-seven diabetics were investigated; age 44±10 years (mean±S.D.), ag...

ea0029p1545 | Steroid metabolism + action | ICEECE2012

The influence of aromatizable and non-aromatizable steroids on anthropometric parameters

Pospisilova H. , Duskova M. , Hill M. , Meloun M. , Bendlova B. , Vankova M. , Starka L.

Objective: It is known sex steroids affect fat distribution with men and women. With men there is a tendency to deposit fat abdominally. Men are more likely to have more visceral fat than premenopausal women, with whom the preferential fat distribution is gluteofemoral and the percentage of body fat overall higher. Androgens may affect fat tissue with men either directly by androgen receptor stimulation, or indirectly by oestrogen receptor stimulation after aromatization. Inte...

ea0029p1546 | Steroid metabolism + action | ICEECE2012

Effect of smoking cessation on hormonal balance

Hruskovicova H. , Duskova M. , Simunkova K. , Pospisilova H. , Hill M. , Vondra K. , Starka L.

Introduction: Cigarette smoking is one of the most serious substance abuse problems. It is generally accepted that nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco smoke alter endocrine functions in men and adverse reproductive outcomes, including deterioration of sperm. Studies on the effects of smoking and smoking cessation on male sex hormones are inconsistent. We studied changes of hormonal levels in men during smoking cessation and we looked for a possible predictive marker of suc...

ea0011p366 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | ECE2006

Is there male androgenetic alopecia the sign of male equivalent of polycystic ovary syndrome or metabolic syndrome?

Duskova M , Starka L , Hill M , Dolezal M , Simunkova K , Cermakova I

Introduction: Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is the most common cause of balding in men. AGA is the risk factor of cardiovascular diseases, glucose metabolism disorders and also the risk of benign prostethyperplasia and prostate carcinoma. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and metabolic syndrome are the risk factors of insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes mellitus. The genetic autosomal trait of PCOS initiated a hypothesis about the existence of a male equivalent of PCOS. Prem...