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ea0024oc4.3 | Oral Communications 4 (Brief Communications) | BSPED2010

Maintaining optimum glycaemic control in children with diabetes during Day Case Endoscopy

Ray N , Edge J A , Ryan F J , Rogers R

Screening for coeliac disease is routine at annual review in the Oxfordshire Children’s Diabetes Service and oro-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) is carried out following positive serology. Our protocol for Diabetes management during Day Case Endoscopy for confirming CD was revised in 2002 following audit. We re-audited our current practice to check adherence to the protocol and degree of blood glucose control.Data was collected from case notes, nursing no...

ea0017p32 | (1) | BSPED2008

TRIAC and carbimazole combination therapy in pituitary thyroid hormone resistance

Ali K , Culley V , Morovat R , Ryan F , Edge J

We present a difficult case of pituitary thyroid hormone resistance (PTHR) in a 6 year old girl. She presented at the age of 22 months with chronic cough, diarrhoea, failure to gain weight and gross motor delay. She was also noted to be hyperactive and clumsy with poor co-ordination. Persistent tachycardia was present on examination. Thyroid function tests revealed increased thyroid hormone concentrations with a free T4 of 63.7 pmol/l (9–25) and a free T3 of 20 pmol/l (3....

ea0030oc4.2 | Oral Communications 4 | BSPED2012

Patterns of presentation and initial management of type I diabetes mellitus in the UK: the early care survey

Lokulo-Sodipe Kemi , Moon Rebecca J , Edge Julie , Davies Justin H

Background: Unrecognised type I diabetes (TIDM) can have serious consequences which may be avoidable with early diagnosis. Many children have delayed diagnosis, however contributing factors are unclear.Aims: To evaluate the patient pathway before diagnosis and initial hospital management of children with TIDM.Methods: Over a 3-month period, parents of children newly diagnosed with TIDM across the UK completed a questionnaire. Addit...