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ea0029p133 | Bone & Osteoporosis | ICEECE2012

De novo autoimmune hepatitis associated with PTH(1–34) and PTH(1–84) administration for severe osteoporosis in a liver transplant patient

Anagnostis P. , Efstathiadou Z. , Akriviadis E. , Hytiroglou P. , Kita M.

Introduction: Recombinant parathyroid hormone 1–34 (PTH(1–34)) and 1–84 (PTH(1–84)) stimulate new bone formation and are associated with significant decrease in the risk of vertebral and non-vertebral fractures. De novo autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is a rare graft dysfunction occurring in patients having undergone liver transplantation (LT) for causes other than AIH.Case report: A 61-year old woman was referred to our metabolic b...

ea0002p34 | Diabetes and metabolism | SFE2001

Ethnic differences in the comparison of several surrogate estimates of insulin resistance and beta-cell function in healthy women

Kousta E , Efstathiadou Z , Godsland I , Johnston D , McCarthy M

Use of surrogate indices of insulin resistance depends on comparability of the relationship between glucose and insulin concentrations between different groups. It is unknown whether such surrogate estimates are equally applicable in different ethnic groups with marked differences in insulin sensitivity. We compared markers of insulin sensitivity and secretion in 78 (43 European, 19 Afro-Caribbean and 16 South Asian) normoglycaemic women of (median (lower-upper quartile)) 34.7...

ea0029p1375 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Quality of life and mood disturbances in patients with acromegaly followed-up in a single center

Anagnostis P. , Efstathiadou Z. , Vounaki A. , Maria C. , Selalmatzidou D. , Gotoufa G. , Kita M.

Introduction: Acromegaly is a chronic disease associated with impairment of quality of life (QoL) and psychological status. The aim of the present study was to assess QoL and mood disturbance in patients with acromegaly.Description of methods/design: It was a comparative, cross-sectional study conducted in the department of Endocrinology at a tertiary medical centre of northern Greece in 2011. AcroQoL questionnaire was used to assess QoL in acromegalics ...

ea0029p1390 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Oxidative stress and reduced anti-oxidative status, along with endothelial dysfunction in acromegaly

Anagnostis P. , Efstathiadou Z. , Gougoura S. , Polyzos S. , Karathanasi E. , Dritsa P. , Kita M. , Koukoulis G.

Introduction: Acromegaly is characterized by high cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction are underlying mechanisms of atherosclerosis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the blood redox status and endothelial function by means of nitric oxide (NO) levels in patients with acromegaly.Description of methods/design: Total antioxidant capacity (TAC), catalase activity and glutathione concentration (GSH), as mea...

ea0029p1577 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ICEECE2012

The effect of L-thyroxine substitution on lipid profile, glucose homeostasis and coagulation in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism

Efstathiadou Z. , Anagnostis P. , Dogramatzi F. , Slavakis A. , Selalmatzidou D. , Katergari S. , Kleta D. , Kita M.

Introduction: Subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) is associated with increased risk for atherosclerosis, mainly attributable to dyslipidemia, diastolic hypertension, altered coagulability and increased levels of inflammation markers. However, conflicting data exist regarding the effect of L-thyroxine substitution on these parameters.The purpose of the present study was to quantify the effect of L-thyroxine therapy on lipid profi...

ea0012p39 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFE2006

Principal component analysis for the assessment of metabolic syndrome features following gestational diabetes among women of three ethnic groups

Kousta E , Godsland IF , Jeffs JAR , Efstathiadou Z , Barrett SC , Doré CJ , McCarthy MI , Johnston DG

To explore the correlation structure of individual components of the Metabolic Syndrome and identify combinations of correlated variables we used principal component analysis (PCA) in a multiethnic group of women with a history of GDM (pGDM) (185 European, 103 South Asian, 80 African–Caribbean), recruited at 20.0 (18.2–22.1) months (geometric mean (95% CI)) after pregnancy and 482 control women of similar ethnicities. BMI, W:H ratio, systolic and diastolic BP, f. glu...

ea0004p36 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFE2002


Kousta E , Efstathiadou Z , Lawrence N , Barrett S , Dore C , Johnston D , McCarthy M

We investigated the relationship between gestational diabetes (GDM) and the metabolic syndrome in 368 (185 European (EUR), 103 South Asian (SA) and 80 Afro-Caribbean (AC)) women studied 20.0 (18.2-22.1) months (mean (95% CI)) following a GDM pregnancy and 482 normoglycaemic women (288 EUR, 99 SA, 95 AC) with no history of GDM. Estimates of beta-cell function (%B) and insulin sensitivity (%S) were derived using the HOMA method. Analysis was by multiple linear regression includi...