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ea0063oc12.5 | Endocrine Connections 2 | ECE2019

Sexual desire in transgender persons in relation with gender affirming hormone treatment: Results from ENIGI, a large multicenter prospective cohort study in transgender people

Defreyne Justine , Kreukels Baudewijntje , T'Sjoen Guyt , Heijer Martin Den , Heylens Gunter , Elaut Els

Background: The effect of testosterone on sexual arousal has been described in testosterone withdrawal and re-adminstration studies in birth-assigned males. In birth-assigned females, the relationship between sex steroids and sexual arousal is complex. Several steps in the transitioning process may affect sexual desire: hormone therapy (HT) and gender affirming surgery. HT in transgender men (TM) generally leads to increased sexual desire, masturbation frequency, sexual fantas...

ea0032p682 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2013

Hormonal therapy satisfaction is associated with better quality of life in transsexual persons

Wierckx Katrien , Geerts Lieselot , Anseeuw Edward , Motmans Joz , Elaut Els , Heylens Gunter , Decuypere Griet , T'Sjoen Guy

Introduction: Quality of life in transsexual persons after transition is among the most important outcome factors.Methods: A specialist center cross-sectional study in 193 transsexual women and 128 transsexual men (mean age 42.5 years) after on average 7.4 years of cross-sex hormone therapy and 6.6 years since sex reassignment surgery (SRS), compared to an age-and gender matched control population (1 to 3 matching). Self-reported physical and mental heal...

ea0032p969 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

Cross-sex hormone therapy related adverse events: data from a large gender identity unit

Wierckx Katrien , Anseeuw Edward , Geerts Lieselot , Elaut Els , Heylens Gunter , Motmans Joz , Decuypere Griet , T'Sjoen Guy

Introduction: Hormonal therapy is part of an established treatment of gender identity disorder, however outcome data regarding mortality and morbidity are scant.Methods: A specialist center cross-sectional study in 193 transsexual women and 128 transsexual men (mean age 42.5 years) assessing physical health and incidence of possible treatment related adverse events compared to an age-matched female and male control group recruited from a population study...

ea0056p667 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2018

Does gender affirming hormone therapy affect anger proneness in transgender persons?

Defreyne Justine , Elaut Els , Kreukels Baudewijntje , Heylens Gunter , Schreiner Thomas , Fisher Alessandra Daphne , Heijer Martin Den , T'Sjoen Guy

Introduction: Anger is an emotional state of feelings varying from mild irritation to intense rage, whereas aggression implies externalizing angry emotions through destructive/ punitive behavior towards other persons/objects. Although research on the relationship between testosterone and aggression is inconclusive, the WPATH SOC 7 guidelines have warned for an increase in aggression in transgender men (TM) taking testosterone treatment.Aims:<p class=...