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ea0090ep675 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2023

Metabolic and surgical outcomes of adult patients with craniopharyngiomapatients undergoing extended transsphenoidal surgery (ETS) at a referral center

Pinar Gutierrez Ana , Dios Elena , Venegas-Moreno Eva , Remon Pablo , Oulad Ahmed Bothayna , Kaen Ariel , Cardenas Eugenio , Fajardo Elena , Cano Gonzales David , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Objectives: To describe the metabolic and surgical outcomes of adult patients with craniopharyngioma undergoing extended transsphenoidal surgery (ETS). Secondary: to compare surgical outcomes with patients undergoing conventional transcranial surgery (CTS).Methods: Retrospective observational study. Adult patients with craniopharyngiomas undergoing ETS between 2015 and 2020 were included. Descriptive analysis was performed by obtaining median and quartil...

ea0056p756 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2018

Pituitary abscesses diagnosis and therapeutic approach in a reference unit

Cozar Miriam , Venegas Eva , Dios Elena , Cano David , Madrazo Ainara , Remon Pablo , Jimenez Enrique , Roldan Florinda , Cardenas Eugenio , Kaen Ariel , Soto Alfonso

Introduction: Pituitary abscess (PA) is a rare condition, representing less than 1% of pituitary lessions. Only around 200 cases have been reported in the scientific literature. Preoperative diagnosis is often challenging due to nonspecific clinical and radiological manifestations.Materials and methods: Retrospective descriptive cohort study. We analyze demographic and clinical variables, hormonal involvement, recurrence, type of surgery and antibiotic t...

ea0056p769 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2018

Clinical outcomes and complications in Endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgery (ETPS) for Non-functioning pituitary adenomas

Remon-Ruiz Pablo , Dios Elena , Venegas Eva , Cardenas Eugenio , Kaen Ariel , Garcia Natividad , Roldan Florinda , Fajardo Elena , Cano David , Soto Alfonso

Methods: We conducted a retrospective descriptive study including 67 patients with non-functioning pituitary adenomas surgicaly removed via ETPS beetwen January/2013 to January/2017.Results: Among 67 patients with non-functioning pituitary adenomas surgicaly removed via ETPS 44 (65.67%) were men. 52 (77.61%) patients recieved their first surgery, 14 (20.9%) had been operated one time before and 1 (1.49%) had been operated two times. Every patient reopera...

ea0041ep398 | Developmental endocrinology | ECE2016

Evaluation of the series of adults with inborn metabolic diseases followed in endocrinology in Andalusia (Spain)

Marin Montserrat Gonzalo , Molero Inmaculada Gonzalez , Moreno Eva Venegas , Fuentes Elena Dios , Alonso Javier Blasco , Delgado Maria Bueno , Nieto Juliana Serrano , Salinas Carlos Sierra , Fuster Gabriel Olveira , Madueno Francisco Tinahones , Moreno Alfonso Soto

Objectives: The transition from the paediatric age to the adult is a particularly vulnerable period in patients with metabolic congenital diseases (mcd). In andalusia two adultsÂ’ units exist (seville and malaga) for the follow-up of these patients. Our aim in this study was to evaluate the current series of attended patients.Material and methods: We evaluated all patients transferred to the adult units since 2008. The clinical records were analyzed ...

ea0037ep701 | Pituitary: basic and neuroendocrinology | ECE2015

Clinical and molecular differences between invasive and non-invasive pituitary adenomas

Cano David , Mendez-Muros Mariola , Venegas-Moreno Eva Maria , Gros Noelia , Dios Elena , Garcia-Hernandez Natividad , Madrazo-Atutxa Ainara , Martin Ignacio , Cardenas Eugenio , Kaen Ariel , Roldan Florinda , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Pituitary adenomas are usually benign. However, a significant number of pituitary adenomas show an aggressive behaviour, with local invasion, increased risk of recurrence after surgery and lack of therapeutic response. In this study, we aimed to determine whether invasive and non-invasive pituitary adenomas display differences in clinical features and molecular parameters. In this retrospective descriptive study, 46 pituitary adenomas were analysed. Invasiveness was defined as...

ea0070aep684 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Evaluation of somatostatin and dopamine receptor expression in nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas

Cano Gonzales David , Flores-Martinez Alvaro , Venegas Moreno Eva , Dios Elena , Remon Pablo , Deniz-Ruiz Alejandro , Madrazo-Atutxa Ainara , Luque Raul M. , Castaño Justo P. , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Introduction: Non-functioningpituitary adenomas (NFPAs) are of benign nature but a sizeable number of NFPAs show aggressive features. Surgery is not always effective in treating NFPAs and thus other therapeutic options are needed. Previous studies have reported that NFPAs express somastostatin receptors (SSTRs) and dopamine receptors (DRDs).Aim: To systematically analyze the expression of SSTRs and DRDs in a large cohort of clinically well-characterized ...

ea0056gp196 | Pituitary Basic | ECE2018

E-cadherin expression is associated with the response to somatostatin analogues in patients with acromegaly

Cano David A , Venegas-Moreno Eva , Gros-Herguido Noelia , Dios Elena , Flores-Martinez Alvaro , Gonzalez Natividad , Madrazo-Atutxa Ainara , Cardenas Eugenio , Kaen Ariel , Castano Justo P , Luque Raul M , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Aim: To assess whether E-cadherin expression levels in somatotropinomas were associated with the response to somatostatin analogues (SSAs) therapy in patients with acromegaly.Methods: In this retrospective study, 56 acromegaly patients that underwent transsphenoidal surgery were evaluated. All patients were treated preoperatively with SSAs (octreotide or lanreotide) for at least 6 months. Responsiveness to SSAs was evaluated by percent IGF-1 reduction af...

ea0056p755 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2018

Ki67 as a marker of recurrence in craniopharyngioma

Jesus Martinez Ortega Antonio , Maria Venegas Moreno Eva , Elena Dios Fuentes Maria , Jesus Remon Ruiz Pablo , Javier Marquez Rivas Francisco , Kaen Ariel , Cardenas Ruiz-Valdepenas Eugenio , David Cano Gonzalez Antonio , Manuel Soto Moreno Alfonso

Craniopharyngiomas (CP) are low-prevalent tumors characterized for their local invasiveness and poor clinical outcomes, often requiring aggressive therapeutic measures. Ki67 is a marker of proliferation with good correlation with tumor recurrence in many solid tumors but this relationship is unclear in CP. Our aim is to determine whether Ki67 could be a marker for recurrence in CP.Material and methods: Descriptive retrospective observational study. All p...

ea0073aep837 | Late Breaking | ECE2021

How has the covid-19 pandemic affected training in endocrinology and nutrition

Zugasti Ana , María Ballesteros-Pomar , Breton Irene , Javier Escalada San Martín , Miguel Angel Rubio Herrera , Tejera Cristina , Pedro Pinés Corrales , Hanzu Felicia , Dios Elena

IntroductionThe pandemic has altered the day-to-day running of hospitals and most of the material and human resources have been made available for COVID-19 care. So have the residents in Endocrinology and Nutrition (MIR), who have been working on the front line, and this has led to alterations in their training programme. In addition, this unexpected and stressful work situation has had psychological consequences. The Spanish Society of Endocrinology and...

ea0063p651 | Interdisciplinary Endocrinology 1 | ECE2019

Biguanides exert antitumoral actions in pituitary tumor cells through AMPK-dependent and -independent mechanisms

Herrera-Martinez Aura D , Vazquez-Borrego Mari C , Fuentes-Fayos Antonio C , L-Lopez Fernando , Ibanez-Costa Alejandro , Moreno Paloma Moreno , Alhambra-Exposito Maria R , Barrera-Martin Ana , Blanco-Acevedo Cristobal , Dios Elena , Venegas-Moreno Eva , Solivera Juan , Gahete Manuel D , Soto-Moreno Alfonso , Galvez-Moreno Maria A , Castano Justo P , Luque Raul M

Background: Pituitary adenomas represent a commonly underestimated pathology in terms of incidence and associated morbimortality. Additionally, some patients poorly respond or develop resistance to current medical treatments [i.e. somatostatin analogues (SSAs) and dopamine agonists]. In this context, it is necessary to develop novel and/or optimize currently available medical therapies. Biguanides (metformin, buformin and phenformin) are antidiabetic drugs that have been descr...