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ea0014p1 | (1) | ECE2007

Human adrenal NCI-H295R cells produce more C19 steroids than NCI-H295A cells – a possible model to study regulation of androgen biosynthesis?

Samandari Elika , Kempna Petra , Hoffer Gaby , Mullia Primus E , Fluck Christa E

The human adrenal cortex consists of three layers in which specific steroid hormones are produced. Human adrenal NCI-H295A (A) and NCI-H295R (R) cells, originate from the same adrenocortical tumor and express all genes essential for steroidogenesis. Therefore they often serve as a suitable model to study human steroidogenesis. No data are available comparing steroidogenesis of A vs. R cells. Assuming no difference, research data from these two cell lines are directly compared....