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ea0037ep120 | Steroids, development and paediatric endocrinology | ECE2015

Six-month interim safety and efficacy of different dose levels of transCon hGH administered once weekly versus standard daily human growth hormone replacement therapy in pre-pubertal children with growth hormone deficiency (GHD)

Chatelain Pierre , Malievsky Oleg , Radziuk Klaudziya , Elsedfy Heba Hassan , Mikhailova Evgenia , Beckert Michael

Background: TransCon hGH is a long-acting prodrug of recombinant human GH (hGH) that releases into the blood compartment fully active unmodified hGH. TransCon hGH was shown in two Phase 1 studies and a Phase 2 study in AGHD to be safe and well tolerated and inducing an IGF-I pharmacodynamic response within the normal range throughout the dosing period. This interim analysis consists of 25 patients completing all 6 months of treatment.Objectives: The obje...