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ea0032p108 | Bone and Osteoporosis | ECE2013

A case of 23 years old woman with primary hyperparathyroidism presenting with pathological fracture and brown tumors detected by scintigraphy

Canat M Masum , Ozturk Feyza Yener , Erol Selvinaz , Uludag Mehmet , Altuntas Yuksel

Introduction: Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) occurs a peak incidence between ages 50 and 60 and the classical bone disease of PHPT or pathological fractures due to PHPT is rarely seen today. Furthermore brown tumor detected with Tc-99m MIBI scintigraphy exists in literature infrequently.Case: A 23 years old woman presented with left arm pain admitted in Department of Orthopaedics for pathological fracture in left humerus. As a result of investigation...

ea0032p258 | Clinical case reports – Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2013

TSH secreting pituitary adenoma: a case report

Ozturk Feyza Yener , Selvinaz Erol R , Kuzu Idris , Canat M Masum , Karatas Savas , Altuntas Yuksel

Introduction: Thyrotropin secreting pituitary adenomas are rare constituting <2% of pituitary adenomas. Thirty percent of these tumors may be plurihormonal. Most common cosecreted hormone is GH and the least one is PRL. We report here a case of plurihormonal pituitary adenoma symptomatic for TSH secretion.Case report: A 35-year-old female admitted to hospital because of fatigue, heat intolerance, headache, galactorrhea and menstrual irregularity. Her...

ea0032p305 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid / Others | ECE2013

Postmenopausal Sertoli–Leydig cell tumor in two patients

Karatas Savas , Kuzu Idris , Canat Masum , Erol Selvinaz , Ozturk Feyza Yener , Altuntas Yuksel

Introduction: Sertoli–Leydig cell tumours are rare tumours which account for <1% of all solid ovarian tumors. It mostly occurs in 2–4° decades of life. Rapidly progessing symptoms/signs of androgen excess suggest the presence of and androgen secreting tumor.Case: Two postmenopausal patients (50 and 57 year-old) were referred to our Endocrinology Clinic for evaluation of worsening hirsutism. Both of patients had manifestations of hypera...

ea0073aep109 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2021

Frequency of metabolic syndrome in Paget’s disease of bone

Erol Selvinaz , Sen Esra Cil , Ozturk Feyza Yener , M. Masum Canat , Alayci Birkan , Altuntas Yuksel

ObjectiveScanty data about glucose metabolism, hypertension and metabolic syndrome (MS) have been reported in Paget’s disease of bone (PDB) to be related with increased cardiovascular mortality. We aimed to determine prevalence of metabolic syndrome in PDB and to determine the relationship between metabolic syndrome and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase levels.Patients and methodsTwenty three patients w...

ea0037ep347 | Diabetes (pathiophysiology &amp; epitemiology) | ECE2015

Vitamin D level in diabetic retinopathy

Erol Rumeysa Selvinaz , Erol Muhammet Kazim , Zuhur Sayid Shafi , Ozturk Feyza Yener , Sen Esra Cil , Mavi Aysegul , Canat Masum , Cakmak Dilek Guven , Altuntas Yuksel

Purpose: To determine the relationship between grade of diabetic retinopathy and serum vitamin D levels in diabetic patients.Materials and methods: A total of 173 diabetic patients consisting of patients without retinopathy (n=67), patients with non proliferative diabetic retinopathy (NPDRP group n=47), patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDRP group n=59) was included in the study. Age and sex matched 55 healthy s...

ea0073aep464 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2021

The duration of postoperative steroid replacement therapy may not have a predictive role for recurrence risk of Cushing’s disease

Gülnar Zeynalova , Ozturk Feyza Yener , Aslı Büyükkuşcu , Erol Selvinaz , sen Esra Cil , M.Masum Canat , Altuntas Yuksel

ObjectiveIn patients with Cushing’s disease (CD), normal pituitary corticotrophs are suppressed by excessive and persistent cortisol secretion in responce to autonomous ACTH secretion by tumour. Therefore, patients exhibit signs and symptoms of ACTH deficiency shortly after resection of tumour and need steroid replacement therapy (SRT) until hypotalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis recovery. We aimed to evaluate whether duration of SRT can serve as a...

ea0073aep524 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2021

Effectiveness of bilataral inferior petrosal sinus sampling in diagnosis of ACTH dependent cushing syndrome

Erol Selvinaz , Yener Ozturk Feyza , cil sen esra , M.Masum Canat , Dogan Cakir Sezin , Sedar Saygili Emre , batman adnan , erem basmaz seda , yildiz duygu , Altuntas Yuksel

PurposeWe aimed to determine the effectiveness of bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling (IPSS) in the differential diagnosis of adrenocorticotropic hormone-dependent Cushing Syndrome (ACTH-dependent CS).Method51 patients diagnosed with ACTH-dependent CS between 2010-2019 in the Endocrinology Clinic in Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Health Training and Research Hospital were included in the study. The dia...

ea0070aep598 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

The importance of DHEA-S levels in cushing’s syndrome; is there a cut-off value in the differential diagnosis?

Ciftci Dogansen Sema , Soyluk Selcukbiricik Ozlem , Selek Alev , Erol Selvinaz , Hekimsoy Zeliha , Esen Pazir Ayse , Dursun Huseyin , Sahin Serdar , Oruk Gonca , Mert Meral , Soylu Hüseyin , Sarer Yurekli Banu , Eda Ertorer Melek , Omma Tülay , Evran Mehtap , Adaș Mine , Tanrikulu Seher , Aydin Kadriye , Pekkolay Zafer , Can Bulent , Karakilic Ersen , Karaca Zuleyha , Bilen Habib , Canturk Zeynep , Cetinarslan Berrin , Kadioglu Pinar , Yarman Sema

Purpose: To evaluate the relationship between basal dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate (DHEA-S) levels and other tests used in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of Cushing’s Syndrome (CS) among the patients with pathologically confirmed CS.Methods: In this multicenter study, the data of 623 patients with CS were evaluated retrospectively. The patients were classified as Group 1 (n = 353 Cushing’s disease;CD), Group 2 (n</e...